Shrinking…not only in my physical persona…

Sight from this morning's walk...Miss Raylene's garden...

A studio.  Yes, that’s what I am considering right now.  Going from 1,500 sq ft to 512 sq ft.  My nerves are hitting the ceiling of my second floor.  I need to continue getting rid of so much stuff.

Most of my beloved books.  But my train of thought is if I were to,  you know…go to heaven right now (I don’t believe on the hot one down below), by the way, where in the world is hell?, my daughter will be donating all 99% of my books to the library, so why not to do it myself, and see the happiness on the librarians’ faces.  Good tax help come April 2012.  2012…earth as we know it is supposed to disintegrate according to the Mayan calendar.  Another posting.  So much to write about…so little time and brain limitation.  Mine.

These are some of the favors my local library will be receiving come tomorrow.  Good books.  But I have come to accept the fact that if I hold on to things, I am believing that there is no abundance in the universe.  And I know by experience that abundance and blessings are out there just for the asking.

Bags and bags of treasures…to keep recycling…just like life itself.  Nothing really belongs to us, we just borrow things and keep them moving along when we depart from the planet.

Today I am keeping it slightly short.  Back is complaining.  62 seasons of moving, stretching, bending, extending and having too much fun.  Pay now or later.  I am always paying it seems.  Thanks goodness for ibuprofen.  Have to be careful with that stuff.  Liver, especially at my 62 maracas is kind of sensitive and temperamental with any kind of medication or man-invented stuff.

Again, let me try to say auf wiedersehen…goodbye in German.  When you say it,  sounds prettier.

So it was today…15 June, 2011…a day of letting go to open the windows of heaven to receive new blessings.

Your Happy Contessa

“Learn to wish that everything should come to pass exactly as it does.”  Epictetus, Greek sage and philosopher.  AD 55 – AD 135.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Shrinking…not only in my physical persona…

    1. My brain is so overloaded right now, that anything, and I mean, anything is a possibility. Thanks for the suggestion. Something to think about. Where in the world are you and Nancy now?

  1. Pods in google. It is a great idea and cheap.They will ship it anywhere. We are behind a Cracker Barrel in Madison, WI. Headed South. (Sort of)

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