Thelma, Louise and Me…

These three were going about their daily gossip when I was watching them from my kitchen.  “So…what’s the deal for today?  I don’t know yet.  Have you done your research on Google to find a house in that very hot State?  Have you started packing yet?  You are looking a bit frazzled today.  What’s up with you and your nervous nerves?  Girlfriend, get away from me.  You are getting me nervous.  Any worms yet?”

So it is another day in birds’ kingdom.  Finding their very delicious and fulfilling worms.  I wish for a moment that was all I had to worry about.  But NO!  I wanted to move, I wanted to be warmer in the winters and so on.

Here it is baby, hit the road and stop complaining.  I think I am going to join the above Thelmita and Louisita and fly away.  Let me see…first I think we’ll fly to Alaska, further North and cooler.  ??????  I am a creature of contradictions.  But that’s ok.  That makes me more interesting and fascinating…and a lot delusional.

Going back to the birds, that’s exactly what my life is right now, for the birds.  Calgon, take me away.  Wasn’t that the famous line?

 Ahhhhhh!  Lillies of the field.  Did you notice the dew?  This one is from Miss Raylene’s garden this morning.  They know the secret to peace, happiness and no stress at all.  There’s no way you can have stress and look so beautiful.  You should see me now.  No, you wouldn’t want to see the picture of desperation, depression, anxiety mini-attacks, not so good hair day, in general, not a good sight.  But tomorrow’s another day.  Bring back Scarlett, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”  Didn’t I say that yesterday.  What day is it?

So it was today…7 June, 2011…a day of staring at Thelma, Louise and me.

Your Happy Contessa

“All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.”  Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher.  21 November, 1694 – 30May, 1778

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Thelma, Louise and Me…

  1. Those birds think they have life under control – they only have to eat the worms. But, the worms are plotting if the birds stick their noses close to us were going to BITE THEM! Perspective – it is all in how you look at the situation. May peace fill your day and love fill your heart.

    1. Wow!!! WordPress totally changed my comments boxes. Talking about getting stressed out. Change or perish, I think I will take the change.
      Thanks Miss Raylene for your words of wisdom, they are always appreciated. Peace, I can feel it right now. See you tomorrow for our walk.

  2. Looks like you actually have real birds – I just have squawking pigeons congregating on the back of my window air-conditioner.

    1. Well…you have city living, I have country living. As long as those pigeons don’t release their processed food on you, I guess it is ok. Thanks for commenting and reading. Hope all is well with you.

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