Making the decision…not to make a decision…

Even in my Laundry Room...

This is so cool…it totally released all the stress that was trying to creep into my always balanced and happy life.

I was watching this afternoon a show on what else, happiness.  Even Harvard is now getting it.  And guess what, everybody has an opinion on happiness.  Some “experts”, and they really looked so serious when they were giving their opinion or definition about happiness, believe that happiness per se does not have to do with how much money you have, how big is your house, the branding of your car, how many car garages your estate has, etc., etc.

Happiness is a mind thing.   Duh!  Is that the way you spell it?  Well, let’s continue here and not get side tracked.  Ask a baby that cannot talk yet,  what happiness is.  Just looking at their glorious little happy face you will get a complete definition of the meaning of the word happiness.

Why is happiness so important?  It is even in our Declaration of Independence…”And the pursuit of happiness.”  I guess what makes it seem so important is that the word happy has a connotation of perfection, Nirvanism if you may, and just chillin through life.  But, there is always a but, as one of the “experts” on the panel stated that if we as individuals are not having lows in our lives, we are either psychopaths or dead.  Oh, my!  I think I will choose not to be happy all the time.  Do not like either one of those choices.

So in conclusion…as you may be noticing, the muses are still very far away, and the posting is taking place between packing, dealing with agents, buyer, and others in the entourage of my life;  this thing about happiness deserves many, many, many more postings.  Thanks God for the eternal sources of human beings not being perfect.  What do you think we would be talking, writing, reading about if we didn’t have challenges, problems, situations, or issues.  Different names, same scenarios.

Signs of someone moving South...

Life is really good right at this moment.  I am not making a decision to go South yet to look for a place to live, it is pretty toasty right now (90’s), and all I have to be concerned about is what’s up for dinner.  Sweet potatoes, stir fry with ground turkey, lots of olive oil and some brocoli, carrots and snow peas.  I am a happy camper.  All out of a plastic bag, except the turkey, that one is out of a plastic container.

So it was today…8 June, 2011…another day of making progress in the classroom of my life.

Your Happy Contessa

“Is Happiness a Journey or a Destination?”  You decide

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2 thoughts on “Making the decision…not to make a decision…

    1. Don’t think so as of this moment. I am starting to pack, and later this month probably go to Florida to find a place, and then moving truck comes to get my stuff, I close on the house, take I-95 South and ta ra! All is well. We’ll see how well all of this develops. Thanks for your good thoughts.

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