Plastic or…paper…post…or no post…

I-95 South...

The neurons are really on vacation today.  Or maybe they are overwhelmed with so much we have to do.  Got a contract on the house…now the reality show goes on the road.

Where am I going to live, when to go to find a place, when to move, legal technicalities, no time to think cute or inspiring things to post about.

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!  That’s what we howl in Spanish when we are hurting.  That’s my psych, my body, and my everything screaming to put my life on the “Pause” button.  Can we do that?  Is there an app for that, Lucy or Lindsay?

I have been trying to move back to Florida for so long now…and now that the occasion is arising pretty soon, I am like a brainless, motionless nano-being.  Boxes, tape, lists and more lists, take art down, fill in holes, paint…pack, donate, sell, tell every living soul that I have pestered for the past two years about my inability to tolerate the “cold” weather of North Carolina.  I sometimes don’t remember who I have told, emailed, or facebooked.  I am into verbalizing names now.  Brain, please stop the process of dummying myself down, so I can have an excuse to do nothing.

But these darlings have been patiently waiting for me for months.  It is pony-up time!  Where do I start?  Need to think about it…I’ll think about it tomorrow.  Fresher neurons, better attitude and…nada mas.  Nothing else.  I am really, really tired and hungry.

I need to warn you…postings are going to be a mixed bag of much about nothing, or much about much.  Makes sense?  In Spanish it does.  Thanks for putting up with me today.

So it was today…6 June, 2011…a day to get ready to get going to prepare to move to the Sunshine State.

Your Happy Contessa

“Don’t think, just do.”  Horace, Roman lyric poet, 8 December, 65 BC -27 November, 8 BC.

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4 thoughts on “Plastic or…paper…post…or no post…

  1. In the long term, the best thing to do (in my opinion) is put most of your stuff in storage packed in their NC boxes and move into a furnished apartment in your chosen area of Florida. They will be cheap as it will be off season. Then take your time finding the exact place you want without all of the pressure of time. We have done this several times ourselves and it has avoided some costly mistakes.

  2. Also keep in mind that any contract can fall through. Hate to keep reminding you, but we have been burned. The standards for prequalifing are not the same as doing a full blown qualification. Good Luck. We will be praying for you.

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