Even E.T. will have to change phone plans…

The most shocking news of my newspaper this morning to me was the headline “SETI is shutting down its alien hunt.”  An article by L. Krieger.  SETI stands for Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.  Now that all of that has been established, I am still recovering from such sobering piece of news.

What am I going to do now that all information highways to our friendly out-of-space beings are closed.  I have always counted on them to bring us good news, something other than ourselves killing each other, and big companies stabbing all of us consumers on our backs.  I wanted something fresh, hopeful and lively.  The search for another medium to give us direct access to E.T. is on.

I am kind of confused.  I thought all we needed was a musical keyboard and play ta ta ta ta ta.  And then they will answer us with an array of ta ta ta ta ta ta with a beat and lights of all colors.  They do have rhythm, because their answer to our ta ta was pretty fast and very melodious.

Now on a more serious note, I think that if there is any E.T. life form out there or maybe down there, they will find the way to get in touch with us, or on a more perverse thought yet, having us for dinner.  French wine anyone?

But because we are on a slower pace of energy, we are not getting it yet, so probably “they” don’t even want to bother with us, slow pokes.  I hope I don’t see that day when “they” finally decide to play Columbus with us.  So many shuttles, so many billions spent and no reply.  We should get the message.  “They” are no that much into us.  Let’s search for another kind of entertainment.  How about digging into the core of the planet?  We may be surprised.  Of course it will be hot, but what else is new.

 Do you think all of this melee is going to affect our direct communication with our sweet angels?  I surely hope not.  I love talking with and listening to these sweet embassadors of heaven that don’t need any technological advance or set back to look out for all of us.

I suddenly feel better, even though we just have told E.T., “no more talking with you.”  Maybe we will find another way.  I am positively sure of that.

So it was today, 9th May, 2011…a day of not so hot news…and a challenge to keep on talking with E.T….

Your Happy Contessa

Hope you like my props.  It gets my neurons working overtime.  That’s a good thing.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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