When it’s time to send stuff or people to the Recycle Bin…


I know it sounds awful, but the reality of life is that sometimes we stop having things in common with some of the people that we know, and when we reach that season, we just stop knowing those people.  Then it is time to send them to the Recycle Bin.  Same thing applies to stuff.  For stuff there is the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.  For people, just because you cannot literally shove them off physically, without their knowing, you just send them to the RB.  When the prompt alerts you if you are sure of what you want to do, please do not hesitate.  Click yes, and send them off.

Why I am writing about this.  Because life sometimes gets too crowded with stuff and people.  Take for example Christmas cards, phone calls, and other situations.  Why to force ourselves to do something out of inertia.  We outgrow, stop caring or simply want to downsize or simplify our lives.  You don’t have to go to Florida to simplify or downsize before you die, you can do it right where you are.  It is not being cruel, it is…just that…no more common interests.  And the best part of it, it is ok.

Yesterday someone who was best friend with one of my sisters called me.  After a minute or so into the conversation, you know, the usual “how are you” etc.,  and so after the initial protocol of establishing communication, there was a silence…nothing to talk about.  We are not so alike.  No common interests.  She’s still with the old mentality of not cutting the umbilical cord with her family and children, and I am 360 degrees opposite.  Have to cut that cord, for everyone’s sake.  Mothers do have a life separate of our children’s own, but some of us are afraid to develop one that we can call our own.  We are afraid of seeming to be selfish.  What’s wrong with being selfish.  The first personal pronoun is ME, it is not you, them or they.  It is simply ME.  We don’t like to honor that.  Most of us think it is them first, and then the leftover crumbs are for moi.  No, no and no!

Don’t you love the little noise the Recycle Bin makes?  I love it when you click on Yes, I am sure I want to delete the stuff.  Liberating!

Sights of my walk today with Miss Raylene.  These two are on the way back home.  Nature showing its best.

So it was today, 26th April, 2011…another enlighted and liberating day…and cultivating a closer relationship with the Recycle Bin.

Your Happy Contessa

It is a good thing to shed layers of accumulated stuff when the right time arrives to do so.

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3 thoughts on “When it’s time to send stuff or people to the Recycle Bin…

    1. Thank you! You just liberated me from having to buy another stamp. Not so good for USPS. But…I do like to send Christmas cards to people that I have not sent to the Recycle Bin…yet. Thanks Lindsay for always reading! You know you and Nancy will always be safe. 🙂

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