A Game Changer…



Once upon a time, there was this little young-at-heart lady that thought that she knew what she wanted her life to be.  Then one day, the big bad wolf of her thinking mechanism shocked her when a brand new thought crossed her mind.  It was the ultimate “game changer.”

She really didn’t know up to that point that life is more than a place where you live, the people who surround you, or the circumstances that are always brewing all around you.  And yes, there is 100% brewing all the time, even if we notice or not.

And you know what was that thought that made her wake up to a new reality?  Nothing that we could label extraordinary.  This is what flashed through her mind:  “you are in control of what you want to do, as you have been given this incredible blessing of having all the pieces in place in your life to do as you please.”  “So now, what’s going to be?”

That was a hard presentation, as Ron would have phrased, and an intimidating one, because we humanoids do not want to take responsibility for our lives, most of the time.  We just enjoy complaining, making excuses, waiting for all the Ts’ to be crossed and all the Is’ dotted.  Well 2011 Cinderella, it’s show time.  There is no magical carriage, just a 2003 Toyota Highlander, and a pretty yellow house in North Carolina that is your castle as of this moment, so show up for your life.

 I need to learn from the butterfly…it is not the quantity…but the quality of days that matters. 

I need to stop postponing my life, because life is happening right now.  My purpose in life is not a grandeur scheme designed by the Gods of above, it is right now, typing this posting. 

I learned from one of the many books I have read, that our purpose in life is…to do what we are doing at the moment.  Nothing more, nothing less.  No big fanfare, no fireworks, or winning the lottery or having lots of money, or saving the world from itself, it is just that…do the next thing on your agenda.

This I am writing for myself, so maybe I can read this post many, many times and eventually get it.  It takes 21 days for a habit to be created.  I may need 2100 days.  I am a slow learner.

But I have something to start from…some meat to chew on and some vegetables to swallow.

So it was today, 27th April, 2011…a day for reflexion and acceptance.  My thoughts and prayers go to the people that have been affected by the recent deadly tornado outbreak across the south.  Up to now 174 people dead. 

Your Happy Contessa, today I am a pensive Contessa

“Feet, what for do I need you, when I have wings that I can fly with.”  Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter.  This she said after becoming paralyzed.  She was an extraordinary and controversial woman.  That’s why we remember her, and Diego Rivera, of course.

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