My altered ego…meet my avatar…

While reading the Science Section of my newspaper, (by now you know that’s every Monday), there was an article titled :  “The future is (almost) now for avatars” by John Tierney.

I started reading it because things like this that sound science-fiction-like get my attention.  That and any conspiracy issue.  First I had to admit, I wasn’t too clear about what an avatar was.  Then I remembered that one day during my fooling around time with the computer, I saw a woman asking how she could get an image to represent her whenever she made a comment anywhere in cyberspace.  That caught my attention.  So someone led her to search on a site for “avatars.”

There I went and before I knew I had a figure that represents me every time I open my mouth to say something anywhere on cyberspace.

But this article is about attending meetings and having your avatar represent you and look through the eyes of your avatar to see others’ reaction through their avatars also.  They also take notes for you.  So in other words, you could be sleeping, while your avatar keeps you on the loop.  Am I clear or is it a bit confusing.  It is like those games people play and a little figure represents them.  In this case, you choose your avatar.  It could be a picture or you make your own image.  It is to please your altered ego.  You know I have a sort of out of control ego, that takes over very often in my life and makes me look like Narcissus sometimes.  I am not afraid to admit it.  It is what it is.  I co-exist very nicely with my ego.  At this stage in my life, what gives.

So…I was thinking…do you think my avatar could do postings for me?  Maybe it can answer very smartly to your comments.  That will be the day!!!  But then my neurons, the few ones I have left, will keep on disappearing, and that is not such a good thing.  I have to keep on thinking about what else I can do with my avatar, because after all, it is either I join progress and science, or I am bound to perish.  No yet, my dear friends.

What’s next with science?  When are they going to come up with clones that will be our altered ego the way we think we want to look and be.  I am ready for that one.  Then I can stuff my big mouth with cake and ice cream, chips, wine and the whole enchilada every single day.  I can’t wait for that one, really.  Then when I want to go out, I just put my clone outfit, and, voila, perfection in every sense of the word.  Ah, and they shouldn’t forget to inject this super clone with all the artificial intelligence it can handle without exploding.  Wow, a sight to behold.  I am starting my list of attributes I want on that clone.  Oh, and one more thing, keep it cheap!

Now that we  have it clear about avatars and clones, I am leaving you with two photos of Lolita the friendly bumble bee.  These two I captured early last week in Miss Raylene’s garden’s white azaleas.  I just love my camera!  It was cheap too.

So it was today, 25th April, 2011…another day full of avatars, clones and bees…just the way my avatar envisioned it.

How would you know if it is my avatar or me blogging?  You’ll know, her English will be perfect, and you already know mine.

Your Happy Contessa

Here’s looking at the incredible or not…our future…

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