Tornado warning…in North Carolina


Around 2:00 pm Saturday afternoon, or maybe earlier, we started having tornado warnings.  I got my bunker ready and then realized that those pillows were not going to be enough to support the weight of the debris that maybe falling down on me.  But that’s all I had, and there was hardly any space for me.  So I decided to continue watching the tv.  As it was getting closer, the wind started to get stronger,  I went out and brought inside my wreath, my plant, but left the flag out, because I thought, if the flag goes so will I.  Reasoning, the flag was grounded deep in the clay.

Kept on watching the different channels, and the closer it got to my area, the more I could see on the map that maybe there was a possibility that we were in a sliver of a zone that may escape the brunt of the storm.  So it was.

The rest of Central and Eastern North Carolina didn’t do that well.  The pictures and films left such an impression on me.  I have never been in such conditions of devastation.  I only imagined what must be going through those people minds.  Everything is gone in seconds.  And you are grateful you are still among the living.  I believe there are 22 fatalities as of this writing and 60 tornadoes known to have touched down.  

I hope this group of people affected by this disaster can find comfort, peace and strength to face what is ahead of them. 

 This was part of my street shortly after we had some rain and heavy winds.  The storm continued on its path creating so much devastation as it moved to Eastern North Carolina.

I never try to comprehend why these things happen.  What for?  These things are totally incomprehensible.  I just accept things as they happen and try to see the bigger picture.  It is easy for me to say that because I was not affected,  neither friends or family.  I don’t know how I would react to any given situation, such as the one these people are facing today.

 This was Sunday’s morning sight of my space on the sky.  Nature is such a puzzle.  It can be totally destructive one moment, and then totally breath-taking the next. 

This I am sure of, I cannot understand it, I cannot control it, just need to accept whatever side of the coin is handed to me and as the saying goes, “Carry On.”  My best wishes again for all the people affected and my way of support will be through the Red Cross.  That’s all I can do to be a participant in the way of support.

So it was 16th April, 2011, an extremely difficult day for much of North Carolina…

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2 thoughts on “Tornado warning…in North Carolina

  1. Noury glad to read you were not affected by the bad weather. Prayers for all were. When you are ready for your schooner adventure, my 62 body might want to join you if is NOT too rustic.

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