Meet my 1040 schooner…sailing away to Paradise…

Now that the big fat check has been sent to Uncle Sam and all his nephews and nieces in Congress, I am thinking about going on a trip to Paradise.  Caribbean or Pacific?

I have in the past contemplated the possibilities of taking a white-water-rafting trip or going in a schooner for around 10 days to live it up in the wild waters of the ocean or a river.

I have read stories about this kind of adventure, but mostly the people doing this are much younger than I am.  But, what do I got to lose?  If my life ends in that kind of way, wow!  what a way to go.  I need to train myself not to have any routines in the mornings.  You know how important that is for me.  Need to become more accepting of conditions of living in smaller quarters with maybe ONE toilet!  Come to think of it, how do they dispose of the…  That will be an interesting question to ask.  Eating fresh fish and roughing it out.  No hair blower, no makeup, lots of shorts and no shoes, it is sounding more and more appealing by the moment.  Just looking all sun tanned, with my sunglasses, and nothing to worry about.  Would there be cleaning duties?

I just finished looking rapidly on the internet for information on these kinds of trips, and there is not too much to choose from.  I am talking about the schooner adventure.  One that sounded very good, ceased business on 2007.  I guess my candidate islands will be mostly the British Virgin Islands or the surrounding area.  If any of you have already done this, please give me a lead.  I am all excited now.  Hurricane season is approaching, so probably it will be early next year.  But I have to remember, it is the journey, not the destination that matters. 

I remember when I was planning my trip to Paris, I had months and months of fun time to prepare and imagining wardrobe, shoes, etc.  On this one, clothing will be very simple and skimpy (even for the 62+ young crowd).  We are experienced, not out of circulation yet.   Do you think there will be champagne, eating at the beach, sleeping at some virgin beach under the moon light, better take my bug repellent, you never know.  I remember a trip to Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, and it was heaven.  Just like heaven.  The sand, the transparent waters and seeing all the other islands on the horizon as if you could touch them with your hands.

I borrowed this photo from “Wikipedia.”  Thank you!  Virgin Gorda, BVI. 


This all sounds so so exciting!  This is a good way to start my weekend…and I hope you get yours going in the same line of excitment…maybe better.

I really appreciate all and each one of you.  You give me the incentive to challenge myself to be imaginative and creative.

So it was today…15th April, 2011…Day to pay dues to continue paving our highways.  So I shall see you next Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

Remember, as I have said before,  three things are for sure…paying taxes, having problems and dying.  Just to make you feel better about today.

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3 thoughts on “Meet my 1040 schooner…sailing away to Paradise…

    1. When was that? Do you know of anyone arranging trips to that area? When I went we took a plane to one of the other islands, and then a ferry to Virgin Gorda. That was in the late 70’s. It is really paradise. Any information you may have will be appreciated.

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