Visit to the spa…I meant my dentist, and surround yourself with what you love…

Meet the ladies at my dental spa.  Really, you must be thinking I am nuts, but honestly when I go for my dental visit, that’s exactly how I feel.   I feel like having a spa experience.  They have such good karma there.  Always checking if you are doing ok and working around you so then you feel as if you are having a dental spa experience.  No, they haven’t paid me for this endorsement.  I am doing this because I remember that when I was a little girl (so so many moons ago) going to the dentist was like being taken to the executioner.  First, the dentist was a male, probably thinking that he was God’s gift to the world and he could do whatever he wanted in my mouth, and if you moved a nano-inch, or dared to complain that you were hurting, well, that was too bad.  You would end up with a broken tooth and running out of the door.  It happened to me once.  Before I met these ladies, my heart would skip beats and hands would get sweaty whenever I thought of going to the dentist.  That’s why I think these ladies are so awesome.  Oh yes, I forgot.  My ADD showing up today.  Their names are:  Left to right Kathy, Megan, Dr. Zombek, and Joan.  They are so gracious and listen to all my blabbing.  Have you noticed how much I like to blab.  But they are very considerate and just listen to me.  I introduced them to my blog.  Hope they like what they are hopefully reading.

They are very generous too.  They send you home with a bag of goodies, ie., toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste, so you don’t have any excuses the next time they see you,  for having bad teeth.  The goodies are given when you go for your maintenance check ups, and I guess for good behavior.  I am just kidding.  You walk out of there feeling very good about yourself and grateful you found this group of ladies to undertake such a difficult maintenance.  I owe it to them my now beautiful smile.  I am sure you are thinking that I am being so nice and expect something in return.  Nope.  They are nice to go to.  I am the one who feels sorry for them.  Having to deal with my teeth. 

Ok, enough of my mouth and its population already.


Coming back from the spa, when I opened my house door, I noticed that I really like my living quarters.  It reminded me of a book I read that stated somehow, that if someone came to your home that didn’t know you at all, what they saw, it was going to be the impression they would have of you.  Our surroundings define us.  I remember when Jacqueline Kennedy was dying in a hospital bed, she asked to be taken back to her home.  She wanted to die surrounded by her books, her family, friends and her favorite things.  I love my home and feel very grateful and blessed to be able to have such a comforting and inspiring place. 

To my dear absent muses, if you don’t hurry up and come back North, you may find yourselves without a job.  What’s going to be?

Hope you enjoy my posting and go and get yourself a spa.  You’re worth it and so are your teeth.


Your Happy Contessa

 P.S.  From my soap “India” – “Many things have happened in our lives, but what really matters is what is happening now.”  Raj (the extremely handsome Indian) to his gorgeous Indian wife Maya.  Both of them had relationships before their marriage and are building their own love story now.  This quote can be applied to different gamut in our own lives.

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5 thoughts on “Visit to the spa…I meant my dentist, and surround yourself with what you love…

    1. I am going to pretend not seeing you on the ant bed. I am still laughing. You just confirmed my story. Just the word “dentist” makes a lot of people anxious. Not me anymore. I wish there would be clones of my dentist and her staff all over the place. Thanks for reading and writing. How’s the trip going?

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