What not to do when you are feeling depressed…

Depressed…this is a word that has been recently annoying the heck out of me.  We use it so lightly.  When we don’t have a valid reason for anything…there it goes…”I am depressed.”

Ok.  Let me go first go ahead and list some things we SHOULD NOT DO  when we are feeling not so groovy…

  • Get on the weight scale.  Depression is a heavy burden, around five to 10 pounds extra.
  • Look at yourself on a full length mirror.  Depression will only increase.
  • Go shopping for skinny jeans.  They definitely won’t fit.
  • Eat donuts or greasy stuff.  They have a tendency to hold on to depression for longer periods of time.  Forget about ice cream.
  • Call someone who usually has a little black cloud on top of their aura.  Their aura is most of the time gray to black.

Open the fridge, when you are still feeling full with stuff you just ate ten minutes ago.

Look at your face and hair roots with a magnifying 10x power mirror.  It only gets uglier.  Notice mine is a very small one.  The less I see, the better I feel.

  • Look at your hands if you haven’t put on lotion.  Mine look as if I am 100 years old.
  • Look too closely at your husband’s face.  You will notice you are starting to look like him.  Sorry guys.  This one I’ll leave for y’all to interpret.  Do not want to get in trouble.

All in all, do not feel bad about being blue, depressed, unmotivated or whatever other labels we can come up with.  Enjoy this condition while it lasts, and because we are feeling so like doing nothing, just go and open that fridge again, take out some cake, ice cream and have a lot of it.  After doing that, you will really feel a notch higher of depression, so the first level of depression would not feel that bad after all.  Hope you do have a sense of humor.

That was good.  I feel somewhat better now.  Move on to next episode of…depression or not.  I think being with “la depre” is part of living, especially when we enter the zone of wanting life to be more and more and more.  Most of the time I carry my “depre” with me wherever I go, and say to myself, “tough, it is what it is,” and carry on.


Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  I do not want to minimize the genuine condition of depression.  If that’s the case, do whatever you think is necessary to be able to function in your universe.

 P.S. #2 – Totally unrelated fact I just learned recently.  Let me share.  The Prime Meridian, or Longitude O (zero) is the north-south line from which every place on Earth is measured in terms of its distance west or east.  It is actually a brass line that runs through a courtyard at the Royal Observatory in London.  The Prime Meridian is the world’s timing lodestone, the source of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from which all time zones are calculated.  This information I am quoting from an article in my local newspaper by Kristin Jackson of the Seattle Times.  Credits just in case.   I find it fascinating to learn things I wasn’t aware of before. 

 Come to think of it, learning is a good way to combat “la depre.”

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4 thoughts on “What not to do when you are feeling depressed…

  1. Hi! I would have called but I don’t know the color of my aura and didn’t want to have a cloudy one. 😉 You will have to teach me about auras!

    1. Hey, you can call anytime. You’ll know the color of your aura. If you are snapping back and forth and not feeling groovy, there it goes. Not such a becoming color. I think you have good aura, anyways. Thanks for reading today and keeping in touch.

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