Little tick tocker, big me and crooked things…

As far as I can remember, I have always been a control freak.    So I was surprised at my reaction this morning when I was taking my daily doses of my sunny sun, reading a book at the same time on being efficient and being busy doing the things you want to accomplish, because as this guy says, “if you keep on doing the things you always do, guess what, you are going to get the same results.”  I had been exposed to that concept earlier in my life, but this time when I looked up to the sky to ponder again on that one, my eyes caught a glance of the little tick tocker that I always use to keep me abreast of how much time is passing through my day.  The sound of the tick tock this time did not go unnoticed.  I thought “here I am reading a book on efficiency and other good-for-me stuff, and this little beast is trying to tell me to get off my derriere and get going with the things I need to do today.”  Believe or not, I got up, put everything back on its place, including the tocker and headed downstairs to get going.  Such a small apparatus was able to control such a big me.

I looked at my list of the things I wanted to accomplish for February, and at the top of the list was the forever famous crooked quilt.  As you can see, I have made some progress and there is a batting being placed.  I had to do more trimming today, on the quilt and the batting, and I have been thinking that if I keep this up, by the time the quilt is finished, probably it will be a quilted handkerchief.  Horror!  Cancel, cancel, cancel that thought!  Later, after the constant trimming, I proceeded to iron two sheets I had purchased to put on the back side.  As the process started…

I found out that the ladies behind the manufacturing of these sheets believe in the same principle that I do.  Crooked system rules!  I took a picture of the label to show where these sheets came from, but later decided that I don’t want to receive visits in the middle of the night by some Asian cartel.  So here I have a crooked quilt, crooked by now batting and crooked back sheets.  It is becoming an awesome unique crooked piece of heirloom unforgettable quilt.  What else is new in my life.  Maybe I am sort of crooked put together individual.  You would tell me if you thought I was not exactly conforming to the evenness of a good level.  Would you?

Even this posting needs some trimming already.  Unfortunately I haven’t figured out yet how to crop things at WordPress.

The piece of wisdom today I think is…Get off my backside and get moving in a different direction if things are going to get done and are going to change.  Remember, change is good.

Hope today is an uncrooked sort of day,  and Lord please give me the strength to deal with my tiny tick tocker.  Give me a break!   Oops!  Forgot, the dentist.  Have to go and open my mouth very wide today.


Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Little tick tocker, big me and crooked things…

    1. I love my cotton shirts, slacks and etc. Don’t mind ironing. I don’t like doing dishes or cleaning the bathrooms. There you have it, I am not perfect. Sorry if I disappointed so many of you. 🙂
      Happy trails and keep us posted.

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