Angels in my neighborhood…and other hair issues…

The out of the door image this morning...

I learned something new!!!  Yeah!!!  Did you noticed there is a title under the picture?  One more for the neurons to remember.  Oh yes, this is supposed to be about my hair (didn’t I write something that had to do with it already?).  One more won’t hurt, while the muses are away. 

I went for a driveabout to take my ever rebellious hair for a change of color, to see if its attitude would change also.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Went to see Miss Misty at the shop…

Miss Misty

Miss Misty is such a delightful young lady.  She patiently listened to my babbling during the whole process.  I love to converse with anyone around me.  Now I understand Ron.  He would talk to anyone, anywhere we went.   

 Sorry Misty, I had to crop myself out of the picture, bags under my eyes were growing and expanding as the seconds went by.  Signs of the process of having had too many happy birthdays.

The process...I am not going to say a thing...

Why do humans color our hair?  I’ll tell you at least why I do it.  If you would see how I look with gray hair, you would literally run away.  I look like the great-great grandmother I don’t have.  That’s why I particularly do it.  Not a pleasant sight on the mirror, even in the dark.  Most men look kind of attractive with gray hair, I look like the scary lady from some dark lagoon story.

Drums please...after effect...

As you have noticed, modesty is not a forte of mine.  I have to give compliments to self, because the spirits around me do not yet know how to express themselves in the slow human language.  Did you notice the sunglasses?  To cover the you know what.  I like the darker tone of hair color.  Maybe the hair will be more subdued.  Hope.  Hey Milagros, I am learning how to take pictures of myself.  Always learning.

Usually in my postings, there is some valuable message hidden, in this one I am still searching for that moment of enlightenment.  I guess during this sugary sweet day (afternoon of St. Valentine’s) that moment is not going to happen.

Sorry.   You will just have to put up today with an episode of my unruly,  now darker than ever hair.  It could have been worse.  I could have had returned from the shop without any hair at all, and nothing to post about.  Not too bad of a comeback.

Angels in my neighborhood…

The way it looked when my angels delivered it…
The beginning of the end...

Their names are Miss Kim and her delightful and ever so pretty daughters Little Miss Hannah and Little Miss Loran.  Around 5 pm today (Valentine’s Day) I heard my door bell ring.  I opened the door, and guess what.  My real tangible Valentine’s for the day.  A red velvet cake with pink frosting.  Is life full of blessings and with lots of angels around us.  This lovely family has adopted me since Ron went back home.  They have always been there for me in significant days, such as today.  As of this moment of typing half of the cake is gone!  Very delicious, homemade too.  Thank you Lord for allowing some of your angels to populate our planet and make a difference in people’s (like me) lives.

With a moment of gratitude and a very full stomach, I must admit this Valentine’s Day has not been that bad at all.

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  “Love is never absent or too far away from us all.”   Me


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