Love to the world…

“Learn to love yourself first so you can feel what is to be loved, and then you can proceed to love those around you.  If you don’t know how it feels to be loved, how are you going to be able to feel what is to love others.”  Noury

A movie line comes to mind …”you complete me”…  You better be complete before entering into any kind of relationship.  If you expect this “right” person to complete you, and then this person leaves you to complete somebody else,  you are left hanging in there semi-complete.  Come on!

This Valentine’s is not going the way I envisioned it.  Sounds kind of strong.  Doesn’t it?  But this is the way I feel.  Even with friends, you have to be a content with yourself person before you even try to make friends.  So it is with family.  We don’t have the power to make anyone happy;  or anyone’s attitude towards us should have the power to ring the bell of happiness.  That is delegating too much power to others, or thinking that we are God.

Let me put on my sweet St. Valentine’s hat.  The above card was made by my daughter for me when she was around seven or eight.  I treasure this card.  When I had the bookstore, I placed it on the window for everyone to see during the whole month of February.  It was the effort behind making the card and thinking what to write on it that is so meaningful.  She even put some roses inside it.  Thank you my dearest Milagros.

I wish every one of you a happy day and go and get yourself something that brings a smile to your face (ie., 72% cocoa chocolate bar) and some fresh flowers if that makes your heart swell with joy.  I am getting my hair colored by a professional, because I hope that will make me happy.  Hummmm…..The after-the coloring episode at a later posting.

My warmest love goes to a precious little girl who was born this past Saturday at 27 weeks.  I pray that she and her parents feel so much love for this precious gift to have each other.  My best wishes for the three of them.

I will like to close this posting with a grateful heart for having each and all of you that somehow have touched my life. 


The Spirit in Me salutes and honors the Spirit in You.

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “Love to the world…

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day – You called just as I was thinking of you and all that makes you special. Red tulips, a beautiful card and lots of time over the weekend completed my Valentine.

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