Money, money, money, money, and money again…

Dinero, monnaie, mulah, all of these boil down to…show me the money.

This morning (Sunday) while reading the newspaper, there was an article of this woman, her husband and one daughter that were going to go without shopping for food, gifts or other stuff, that we just buy on a whim, for the whole month of February.  She chose February because it has only 28 days.  ????    They are doing this to cut on their spending habits and save some dinero.  They do have a well stocked pantry.  Usually, when we go to the store, (even the Dollar store) because something is on sale, or it is only a dollar, we justify the purchase.  Well, let’s go back to that heroic family.  They are only going to pay the necessary bills, mortgage, utilities, etc., and  will try to go without buying gasoline (guess they make sure they have a full tank).  You get the point. 

I pondered on that one…you know, most of the time I am pondering.  Don’t have another immediate body to talk to, so I talk to myself in my mind.  Not crazy…yet.  Went to the pantry and my fridge, and this is what I found.

As you can tell, I am not a hoarder.  I have a simplistic approach to shopping, and to living.  The less, the better.  Really, I don’t buy in large amounts, because I like going out every other day to the grocery store.  When I was growing up, the lady with the basket of eggs on her head used to come to see us every day.  Also, the vegetables, meat, milk, bread were all bought for same day consumption.  I know the dynamics of society have changed, but some things I have control over, and after all, I am my own boss.  If I want to go twice a day or three times (it has happened) to the grocery store, I can do it.  Well, let me not get distracted here.  Stick to the point of the dinero issue.  When I looked at my very selectively stocked pantry, and fridge, I thought, that won’t fly in this house.  Too much discipline and I am somewhat of a rebellious individual.  Too much control and order and I start feeling oppressed.  So I decided right there and then, no way, I couldn’t do that project.  I could brain wash myself not to buy stuff I don’t need, just because it is on sale, or say to self the very popular phrase, “do I want it or do I need it.”  That won’t fly either.  Life’s too short for being so disciplined.  What happens if some idiot just decides on the road that it is my time to disappear and become just energy.  There goes all the rationalizing.  Too many idiots on the road to take me away just before my exact time is due.  Where was I?

Oh, yes, the saving dinero project.  I wish this family all the best in their endeavor, and anyone of you that might want to try it.  As to my life, I am a very thrifty individual and somewhat disciplined.  I was thinking about going to the Goodwill to buy a pair of jeans for $3.39 in light blue.  The one I have is too loose.  But, I am going to walk around like a woman clown for a little bit longer, so I can save the gasoline it takes me to go there and the $3.39 + tax.  I feel better already.

To all of us savings some money and having a fun and better life. 

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  Even though my 72% cocoa candy bar is not showing in my pantry, it is there alright.  That’s one thing I must have.

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