Nanotechnology and what it does have to do with us…

Probably you are thinking…She flipped!  Not so fast nanobeings.  This is my interpretation of atoms, molecules, protons, electrons and energy projecting out of their nucleus.  This was the best of what I was able to come up with for illustration purposes.  I have this need to use only my pictures (only one other image has been used).  Guess which one. 

In Monday’s paper, in the small science section, there was an article about “nano-yarn.”  I knew something (really nothing much) about this nano thing.  I knew it is being used with fabrics so I make sure whenever I buy a garment, I look at the components very carefully.  Sophisticated words are being added to the cotton, silk or polyester phrases.   Just like food, so much stuff is into it, and we don’t know how that is affecting our maturing mechanisms.  So is with this nano stuff.  It is being used for so many, many things.  Just an interesting fact.  Next to this article, there was a bigger article about this woman with a PhD in chemistry that is now baking breads because she is enjoying doing it and studying the reaction of components when you are bread making.  Different folks, different strokes.  Why doesn’t she just say she loves to bake bread.   Here I am being judgmental.  Not a good thing.

Nanotechnology (I had to look it up, love to learn new things) is the study of the manipulation (don’t like that word) of matter (you, me and the rest of it) on an atomic and molecular scale.  This new concept has been around since the late 1950’s when it was introduced in a paper by physicist Richard Feynman.  We need to know our neighbors, my friends.  We never know if we are being used as guinea piggies.  Who knows what the people next door are experimenting with.  Maybe that’s why my hair has taken it to be undisciplined,  at an all new level.

Now, my logical thinking is…if “they” whomever they are, are trying to manipulate matter (you and me and stuff), who is going to manipulate this nanothingies (invented that word and some others in this posting)  when they become rebellious.  Ahah!  I bet no one is thinking about this.  It takes many years to become a very logical being.  How are this nanopowerful creations going to behave when they interface with the heat of our bodies or who knows what else.  You know very well I am for change, but this one is really taking the cupcake.  Are you with me, or did I lose you long ago?

Are we on the way of becoming these nanobeings, with super atomic and molecular powers out of control?  I can only imagine the younger punks with so much nanoenergy.  Uhummm!

Now let me try to tie the cutest car above with this nano moment.  Nano means I guess,  tiny.  Started to see the relation?  Do you think I can take this nanocar and inject some of that nano stuff and make it the perfect size just for me.  I ponder on that one.  If that’s the case, let’s bring all the nano infusion we can take.  One more powerful thought.  How about altering the molecular structure of my wrinkles and just make them all disappear.  Puff!   Gone, all of them!  Gazillions to be made.  I’ll be the first one in line to buy that nanocream.

This posting goes to prove that you can make something much to do about nothing.

Full of nano stuff,

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  Seriously, progress is fascinating for me.  In the sciences, and other fields, I am always fascinated and I am a big supporter of new technology and its discoveries.  Hopefully all of this will lead us to a better world for you, me and the rest of our brothers and sisters.

If you are a nano scientist, please lighten up and laugh at the whole thing.

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