The new and improved, for now, breakfast…

When I open my eyes first thing in the morning, first thought is “thank you Lord that I am still around, please give me the energy and enthusiasm I need today to make it a good one.  I cannot afford to be depressed.  Please protect and bless my family and my friends.  Thank you Lord, amen.”  Then I grudgingly pull the four layers of covers I have on top of me (sometimes it is a challenge to move underneath so much weight) and I deep breathe telling myself that it is not that cold.  Then,  I drag my heavy feeling body to the laundry room to weigh my slow motioned body.  Right there and then I decide that I need to get back to walking.  Maybe manana.  Then I go into the kitchen, warm a glass of water in the micro, start my coffee, (only can take 1/2 cup, otherwise I’d be bouncing out through the cardboard walls and my heart would be skipping beats) then I bundle up more yet and go out and get the newspaper.  I wear my sunglasses so no one can see the real me at that time of the day.

Come back inside, finish drinking my cleansing water (my mother’s suggestion to flush all the stuff out of your system, before you put back more stuff in your stomach), then go upstairs to publish my posting, (you see how I have all of you in my mind so early in my day) go back downstairs to peel my plantain, and get my breakfast going.  Add one egg to the water, and let it simmer for 1/2 hour.

The process is not that easy.  Hands get slimy and stained.  Nothing water cannot solve.  Then…the process continues.

Start to read the newspaper, get some of that delicious coffee (it really gets my day in a good mood), keep on reading the paper, and then the timer in the micro lets me know my healthy good for me breakfast is ready.  I cut the plantain in small pieces, put some xtra voo, sea salt and then it is ready to enjoy.  I only have eggs three times a week.  Cholesterol, you know.  All the rules change once you have reached 50.  After that, it is body vs mind.  And you know who wins most of the time.

Oops!  I started eating and then remembered that I needed to take a picture.  That’s why one piece of the egg is already gone.  In case you are into details.

After I finish with my breakfast routine, I take my vitamin C, Centrum regular, and Vitamin D.  Then I go back upstairs to visit with my sunbeam, if the clouds allow it to show up.  If not, well, tough for me.  I have to get my happy mood some other way, maybe reading a book.

There you have it.  Oatmeal has gone south with the muses.  Hope they are getting lots of sunbeams.

Best wishes and until next Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

 P.S.  This is totally unrelated, maybe it is.  Did you ever considered the fact that the water in our toilet bowls is so much cleaner than the water (if they have any) some people have to drink in some parts of the world.  I am always counting my blessings.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “The new and improved, for now, breakfast…

    1. Name the day and the time. I have been dragging this slow-motioned body for too long already. The Community Center stint did not last for too long. Too confined space. Need to breathe fresh air.

    1. At my very interesting, fascinating age I should be able to buy and eat anything I want, but FYI, green plantains (bigger than a banana), are very, very good for a lot of things. One of them, regularity, dear friend, regularity. Oh my gosh, the things we talk about when we get to be……

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