Live the life you have imagined…

This morning while reading my latest issue of Victoria Magazine, there was a quote by Thoreau that goes like this…”Live the life you have imagined.”   Wow, that is a tall and humongous task.  First I have to find out how I have imagined my life for this stage of my journey.  One thing I know, it is supposed to be warmer.  Cannot complain too much, because I only make the situation not so good for myself.  Remember, mind over matter, and if I don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  One of the spirits of the muses must be around.

Let me think…it takes me a while to get thinking…I imagine I would like to be living in a flat in Paris, but right now visiting India.  I imagine I have a trust account with untold amounts of dinero.  I have a big, big imagination.  I imagine having condos in Washington, D.C., Winter Park, Fl., and also in the region of Tuscany, Italy.  Provence, France,  is a good candidate also.  Well, if I am going to imagine it, why not go all the way.

Look what one tiny phrase from the transcendentalist Thoreau brought about.  The Book “The American Transcendentalists” is fascinating.  I could be one of them if today’s date would be 1830s-1840s.  Two of Emerson’s daughters were part of the movement.  This was the first intellectual movement in the United States.  It was the first movement against the establishment, ie., government, education, politics, religion, etc.  I am not an intellect, but always trying to learn something new.   A bit of being rebellious is innate in me.  I enjoy conversing about everything and anything without anyone taking things too personal.  It takes away the learning of what other people are thinking, so there is no progress.  I think we as a society have become too wimpy and very intolerant of each other.  We cannot utter hardly anything without  someone feeling offended.  Enough should be enough.  What muse is visiting at this time?  Certainly it is not the political correct one.

Well, there you have a bit of my philosophy.  I am for learning and embracing others, even if I don’t agree with them. 

We’ll go back to the imagining business another time.

Au revoir,

Your Happy Contessa

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