On the road again…

It is getting harder and harder to find part-time/temporary muses.  I have been on the road since yesterday looking for some hint, but nada, zip, zero.  To my know-it-all audience, do you know of any place were there might be some available.

Some of the most appreciative ones have called from the Florida Keys, saying they have been looking at real estate properties and may be considering becoming a native.  That’ll be the time and day.  What am I going to do?  Right now is like falling down and I cannot get up.  Muses of the universe, are you for hire?  Room and board included with the hiring package.  If the bankers of our country were to decide to let some money go, I’ll take y’all with me to the Caribbean or Florida when I find a buyer for my house.  

Seriously, the well is dry.

But, just a moment…as I was going to my kitchen to pick up my glasses, I saw something that probably I have been taking for granted recently.  I have such a beautiful view from my living/dinning area.  It does not matter if it is winter, spring, summer or fall.  This view has its own beauty.  It is my window into the world first thing in the morning.  Isn’t life just like that.  We take so much for granted, so we need to slow down to really see what’s around us, our dear ones included.  I went out earlier to sweep some leaves and the sun shinning on my face, the nice temperature, and my being able to even do the sweeping made me feel very grateful of just being able to do that.  That vitamin D from the sun really does wonders.  I feel energized, and ready to roll.  Have to watch it not to do too much altogether.  Have to leave some for the rest of the winter.  This is only mid-January, but it is a glorious day.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Maybe the muses are getting tired of being too hot down there.  Wishful thinking.

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. If you drive (or take the train) north for about 4 hours, you could a nice change of pace. This little reprieve could help you get through the rest of the winter.

    Also to add variety to the morning oatmeal I learned to put a teaspoon of sugar-free or all
    natura preserves. Love ya :)l

    1. Driving North will get me closer to the North Pole, right?
      I gave oatmeal a break, since visiting my mother. Now it has been boiled plantain, one boiled egg (the egg only 3 times a week), and olive oil and sea salt. It takes more effort to prepare, but the oatmeal was getting too familiar. I love my plantains!
      Gracias for reading and commenting. Un abrazo bien fuerte.

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