Ode to North Carolina…

Before it is too late and I don’t find the time, North Carolina here’s to you for giving me memories that will last the rest of my lifetime.

Your beautiful sunrises, your unforgettable sunsets, your beautiful mountains and so soft sandy beaches, will make me remember you for an eternity.

 Thank you for being such a special place, always showing mesmerizing surprises wherever we go.

Thank you for taking us all for those incredible adventures and always showing us those extra special spots.


The time has come now to say farewell and thank you.  North Carolina, you will always be part of my life.  I have left here a very important part of the fabric of my life, so you take good care of him until that time when I will join him too.

I hope you enjoy my tribute to a state that has only been gracious and giving to me and to Ron.  All of this would not have been possible without our “official” guides to their beloved state, Raylene and Richard.  May the fun and going on those “blue roads” continue forever…

Until next Monday,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Ode to North Carolina…

  1. Looks like that light house is going to be moved. It is up on blocks. I hope they change all the natural charts. I saw where your new congresswoman is going to be packing a pistol now.

    1. Yes, the lighthouse was going to get settled on that piece of property in Edenton, I think, NC. Our government officials do what they want to do anyways. I don’t blame her, considering what happened in AZ. I try to stay away from politics on this blog, because there are gazillions of blogs talking about that subject matter already. Life around me gives me plenty to write about, even when the muses are down South, maybe around in your neighborhood. Remind them they have duties waiting for them up here.

  2. Your tour guides have enjoyed every experience. The blue roads always take you somewhere special because you hadn’t been there before. Highways are a quick, but not painless, way to get around. But those backroads of any State can teach you where there’s a small waterfall next to the road; where the ledge next to the road looks like a turtle; where there’s a peaceful pond or lake to sit quietly and share a spontaneous picnic. We enjoy the “blue roads” because they slow us down, allow us to look and appreciate, and provide memories like the Orton Plantation. Remember if you don’t like the direction the road is taking you – just as with life – simply put it in reverse and go a different way. They really weren’t going to shoot us!

    1. Oh my gosh! You brought back some many memories. Orton Plantation…another posting. Mr. Turtle waiting for us to show up, always, and the best reversing ever done by a human being…you! That was one of the most memorable days of Ron’s and my life with the two of you. Thank you for being such gracious guides. Included in my memories for the Nursing Home!

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