A quilt… and over 20 years ago…

I am exhausted…it is only 2:45 pm Sunday afternoon and I am ready to sit again to continue the process of the disappearing derriere.  That’s until I go to Wal-Mart to see about those magical balls that will stop the disappearing act.  There’s not worst thing than being your own boss, especially if you are a very demanding person.  I am, but this way of being is taking its toll.  No wimpology principle is tolerated in Happyville.

Oh yes, the quilt.  I started this quilt over twenty years ago.  My late mother-in-law, Miss Margie, she made beautiful quilts.  I saw one with a lot of little squares and then I thought, I can do that.  I still have that streak of invincibility in my aging personality.  I think I can do anything.  Sometimes that’s the only way I can  survive.  Anyways, I didn’t ask her one question about quilts and the process.  I’ll show her, I told myself.  Now she has been in heaven for quite a while, and the quilt was very placidly resting in one of my closets until my restless self found it.  I thought again, of yes, I can finish this thing before I become energy myself, along with playing the guitar.  That guitar stares at me every second that I am sun bathing in my winter retreat.  Patience, dear guitar, patience.  Going back to the quilt, the thing is that the same way you measure a tv screen, you know, at a diagonal angle, well, the quilt has somehow taken an odd shape.  It is not square, it is not rectangular, it is just that, odd.  I refuse to cut it to make it even, so I am going to have to be very creative, so that a 100 years from now, when my daughter’s great-great grandchildren see it, they will find some surprises in its structure and the way it was put together.  Then they’ll say, wow, look at what abuelita (Grammy)  did to make it work.  Hummmm.  Hopefully they will not take after this trait, to take shortcuts.

It is a big quilt.  72″x78″, that is, after tucking and shoving some of the little squares.  It is pretty too.  I embroidered her name, date and time of birth, place of birth and added some drawing such as flowers, a little house and the sun.  Also, it says how much I love her.  The concept is very touching, but the process keeps on getting complicated.  Now I know why it was in the closet.  But I am finishing that thing this winter of my discontent.  Promise.  Let me add, that all those little squares were sewn by hand, one by one.  Now the next step is the batting, I think.  Wal-Mart to the rescue again.  Oh, and the ball.

So many things to do, and hopefully the winter will last long enough for me to accomplish all I am set to do.  What did I just say?  Winter…long enough?  I must be losing some of the screws up in my cranium.  One of these days, the muse that is on her way on  I-95 South may find some company.  Until then…

Stay warm.

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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