Still waiting…

Yes, 11:oo am came on Monday, and not a sight of anything white or colorless dropping from the sky.  Oh well, I thought, no excuses available, so I guess I have to go to the Community Center today.  But because it was a bit later than I usually have been going (2 days last week), I thought that maybe there won’t be any hot walkers at the trail.  Not a chance!  There were three already, and guess what.  Two to them were in a maniacal rush to get to heaven faster that they are scheduled to.  Man, they (a man and a woman) couldn’t walk fast enough to beat each other.  Not only that, but the woman got into one of those machines and all I could hear was the clicking to make the machine go faster, faster.  By the time I left (30 minutes), she had gone back to speed walking and the man was still walking but his face looked as if he was in real pain.  These people were not spring chickens, around my age or older.  That’s a puzzle to me.  Why do we do things that are supposed to be good for us, but we do it stressing the heck out of our organs, especially our little heart.  We are nuts!  But now that I think about it, maybe it works for them.  Not for me, buddy.  I am a slow poke in no hurry to beat the track.  Besides, I was always looking to the outside to see if anything white was falling to the ground, so I could cut short my 30 minutes, but no luck.  As I was walking out, waving goodbye to Miss Linda, little white droppings (no pigeons around) started to show up.  By the time I got home and put the garbage containers back to where they belong, it was all gone.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I am disappointed for not having any snow yet, but after all the hype on television, come on, something got to give.  And the sky over my location is oblivious to all of it.  Maybe it is a good thing.  Where are you Martha?

The walking shoes you see above, I purchased back in Florida around 2005, when my husband and I sold our antiquarian bookshop.  That’s when I started my walking gig.  I feel better after I do it, it is the battle before I go out to walk that is the challenge.

It is 3:49 pm, nothing yet.  Maybe we’ll be lucky.  Maybe not.  Either way, I am prepared.  My wonderful neighbors, Miss Kim and her daughter, Hannah, just came by to spray some mix on my walk path so the snow won’t stick.  There are still angels all around us.  They were the ones that cleared my sidewalk and path to my door when I returned from D.C. and we had all that snow.  Maybe I do look like a little old lady after all, that can use all the help anyone can provide.  This family has been a beautiful support system for me after Ron went to heaven.  I am grateful for them.

Oh, I forgot, I am supposed to make some soup and the beans in it need some time, so I better get downstairs (the tundra) and get cooking.

Until next time,

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  It is 8:24 am on Tuesday and there is one solid sheet of ice covering everything outside.  My newspaper delivery person is the hero of the month.  There it was, inside two plastic bags, the newspaper.  I had to walk on the grass, that was very crunchy, I didn’t want to risk having to go to the hospital by walking on the sidewalk.  Unless the clouds up there decide to come apart, to let the sun shine through, this ice is going to be with us for a while.  Please gods of the clouds, be extra nice.  There are things to do and people to see.  That’s funny.  Do you think this ice will be there tomorrow morning.  That will be outrageous, I need to do my walk!  By the way, no soup for me yesterday.  Maybe today.

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