Great Expectations…2011

As you can see, I don’t have any problems receiving a new year by myself.  I am a happy person with a great life.  First I am so grateful for my incredible journey, the fascinating people who have populated my universe, and I look forward to new arrivals and figuring out how all is going to be played.

I toasted with sparkling water, put on my little hat, and had some dates to signify the magnificent abundance that will be part of my life in 2011.  That 2011 sounds somewhat different from 2010.  I hope and I will do my best to make it even better.  If it is to be, is up to me.  Right now is 12:17 am and there is in my surrounding a feeling of contentment, joy and great expectancies for this new station in my journey.

I hope and wish for you joy, and happiness.  Make sure you do everything within your power and capabilities to continue to make your dreams come true.

A toast to you, your happiness and our times together.

May the best be yet to come, always!

Your Happy Contessa

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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