Sometimes you forget…


During my trip to visit my daughter last week in D.C., I was admiring the fresh roses my daughter had in her mini-kitchen and also in the mini-bathroom.  First I thought they were silk flowers and asked my daughter where did she get them.  They looked so pretty.  She looked at me and said:  “Mom, those are from Whole Foods, I learned from you that you always have fresh flowers in my bedroom when I come to visit with you.  So these are for you.”  I was surprised because we have a tendency to forget the niceties of life we are capable of doing.  Also, as the saying goes, it is not what you say, it is what you do that leaves a lasting impression.

You cannot imagine how joyful I felt at that moment.  Right now I am wondering what other impressions I have made to my daughter, good or bad, that will influence her life for as long as she lives.  Hopefully the good ones will overcompensate for the not so good ones.

I heard a saying once that goes like this, be careful of what you say or do, because maybe you will be the only bible some people will ever read.  There is a huge responsibility in being part of the human race.  Kindness and compassion are two qualities I am focussing on, because as I have more and more happy birthdays, I find it is easier to do so, and it gives me a good feeling inside, because after all, all that I do or say is between God and me.  Nobody else is involved.  My happiness or frustrations I create, even if I like this principle or not.  Gravity works, even if you cannot see it or believe in it.  Same applies to karma.  What goes out, comes right back at you.  Like the sight and beautiful scent of those roses.

Thank you sweetheart for making me a proud mama for a moment in our time together.

Wish all of you same experience sometime.

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  I learned something new.  If you click on the pictures on the post, you will see an enlarged version.  Always for learning something new and sharing.

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