What goes up…must come down…

Bought this new inexpensive (cheap) camera, not necessarily a bad one.  I am very pleased with the results, but oh my, couldn’t find anywhere the above picture, you know, getting used to a new brain challenge so early in the morning, and it happens later in the afternoon too, can take a toll on my limited neuron population.  I finally found the picture, and hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow where it is.  Need to write things down.  Information overload.

Now, let’s go back to the title of the posting.  All Christmas decor must be put away, to give space for the new (not really) stuff.  The tree and all its accessories go back to the garage and out of the garage there comes the good old (renewed) stuff.  Life is just like that, must move some things out of my life to make room for the new or renewed ones.  Otherwise, it becomes too much to handle.  It was a very good Christmas, just as good as the past ones, cannot remember a bad one.  I have decided that I am going to be very selective with my thoughts.  Only the good things I have room for in my mind.  The bad memories can hit the road even before the thoughts cross my mind.  I like living in this sort of escapism (wow, I thought this word didn’t exist, but checked my good friend Webster, and there it was), because it works for me.  I like to choose things that work for me.  I really do not care what works for others,  I may listen to what work for others, but I need to do things that work for me.  Sounds selfish, but c’est la vie!

Today I will place in the garage the things that belong to the past season, and I will bring back out the things that pertain to the season to come.  I will only deal with things that are on my plate at a particular moment, and tomorrow’s plate, I will deal with it tomorrow, or maybe not at all.  Sometimes things just sort of take care of themselves.

Laundry going, newspaper reading still going, post almost finished, I am looking at the sort of things I want to see in my plate today.

Ta ta,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “What goes up…must come down…

  1. We too have spent the day sorting through years of decorations brought in and taken out without use. We reserved the treasures to be kept and have packed those to be used by future owners. Delivery will be made tomorrow to the Goodwill. We hope they will bring smiles to their future owners.
    Quiet days, quiet thoughts and conversation make a great way to start the New Year. Let’s make it a good one for everyone we touch!

    1. That’s a good thing. Goodwill. I must remember to go there next week to see if I can find some of those treasures you are taking tomorrow. Can’t help it. Cannot pass a good deal. Recycling, that’s what is all about.
      Thanks for reading my ponderings.

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