New look for motivation and inspiration.

Well, I am not an everyday user of my website. So with the many changes just to type a posting, feels like hiking the Himalayas. Even though I respect and appreciate each one of you, most of my time goes to aerobics, Zumba, painting, doing laundry and peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables. It’s high maintenance when you get to be at this stage in life.

Forgot, writing my murder mystery novel. Yes, siestas too are part of keeping up of my being so smart. I skipped the modesty share in my DNA. No one is perfect. It would be too boring.

Doing laundry by hand is also part of my discipline. Watching lots of videos on YouTube about discipline. I am totally unsupervised, so sometimes I get out of control.

Minis are making a comeback in my closet. Also hemming ones that are not, to make them shorter. It’s getting really steamy here in the Florida Peninsula.

My forever faithful readers, have a lovely Easter weekend and may we continue to be strong, resilient and so ever beautiful.

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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