Fears as we get older…


There certain numbers of fears we have, I think, as we get older. Some of them are,  feeling that we are not relevant any more, that what we have to say is not appreciated or totally ignored, but mostly for women is the one of getting wrinkles and those marionette lines.  If I could come up with something to inflate that area, the lines around my mouth,  I could be 110% gorgeous.  I am now 100%, but like the probabilities of being a tiny bit better.  I have never been known to be modest.  Why change at this stage?

I have to laugh when I read some comments being made anywhere about us, the “older, dumb, don’t get it, don’t understand, senile, deaf, (this one I use at my convenience), little old lady, she doesn’t know”, and a myriad of adjectives, nouns and other fancies used to describe us all, the baby boomer generation and the generation before us.  What are they called, I wonder…

What are we to do?  Speaking for myself…let them think whatever they want…I am having it my way and dancing all the way to my daily life of happiness.  When “they” get to this stage in life, only the good Lord knows how these much younger generations, that have their eyes glued to a tv screen, a smart tablet or phone, that cannot have a conversation without checking their “smart” thing, will make it.  May the Lord have mercy on those of “them” that are putting labels on us now.

One of my fantasies is that by that time, the time when these younger things get older, the production of hair-coloring-products would be non-existent…that will teach them all the lessons in one bottle.  It would be close to the end of the world…talking for myself.  Can you imagine a whole population of people with white or gray hair?  Horror of horrors.

Remember, we’ve been there, done that and are coming back, twice, from where you are headed to.

Good luck, or as the French say…Bon Courage!

Loving my life as it is…very happy with my monthly hair coloring session.  Cannot imagine my life without it.  Color 4G, because I am worth it.

Your Happy Contessa

“Life couldn’t be better.”  Moi

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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