Business Idea…


Sunglasses for lizards!

I think this is a marvelous business idea…but first need to get a manufacturer in the United States, because it needs to be an American product.  Only buy things made in the good old U.S.A.  Sorry China, maybe some other time.

Now, back to the mini-tiny sunglasses.  I like the idea of all black, like the very world-famous Ray Bans.  These will be called Liz Ban.  Cool.  Maybe in the future I will add some color.  What about a case for the sunglasses?  All fake leather, because do not want to hurt these prospective customers’ feelings.  Oh yes, need to develop glass cleaner to be handled with tiny little toes.

What do you think?  I really think I have too much time in my hands, and frankly, I just had my first great laugh of the year.

Not so hot an idea…right!  I need to continue searching for another big-business-bam- idea.  Suggestions need not to apply.  Thank you very much.

Well…another sunny day in Florida watching the little lizards sunbathe themselves.

Your Happy Contessa

“It is not what happens to you, but what you do with it that matters.”  Someone very smart.

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2 thoughts on “Business Idea…

    1. I hope you were laughing as much as I was while I was typing this out-of-this-world-story. Maybe I have some material for children books. What do you think? Thanks for always reading.

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