A rose is a rose…a very beautiful rose…

Well, enough of me and my bad-hair-moment.  Come to find out, I kind of like it now.  It could be better, maybe next time.

This photograph I took during my North Carolina experience back in the days.  Our daily walkabout.  Remember Miss Raylene?  Those were the good old days, but now my days, and I am sure everybody else’s are probably the even good or better days.  Why?  Because I am still around to fool around and write something about literally nothing.

I just got tired of looking at the picture of self and a bad hair moment.  Need to focus on the present.  Actually re-reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.  Great book!  It helps me to cool my thoughts whenever I get restless.  You know…me and my A+ personality.  Need to stay in the momento.

Really, had nothing much to say on this glorious occasion, just wanted to show you a beautiful moment in my life while visiting the unforgettable State of North Carolina.

I am very grateful for each person, each moment and each place that has graced me during my walk through this marvelous planet.

So…it was today…another day to think of beautiful things and of course, be very grateful.

Your Happy Contessa

“Never hating, never resisting, never contesting, she is simply always learning and being.”  Lao-Tzu, a philosopher of Ancient China.  Lived between the 4th – 6th Century BCE.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “A rose is a rose…a very beautiful rose…

  1. Every morning comes and I shout “where is my motivator?” Where is my walking partner? Gone and I am not happy about it. Then I stop pouting, and chastise myself for being selfish. I remember those walks and loved every moment of them. Thank you.

    1. If you only knew how much of a grudge I am when I leave my door around 7:30 am. My Zen has been my savior. I need to psych myself and tell the air-headed me that is all for my greater good. Sometimes it works better than others. I do miss our in-depth conversations. Now is between me, the lizards and the squirrels. Maybe one of these days, I will take I-95 North and we can resume our power walks. Thank you also for being there during my visit to North Carolina.

  2. How could you ever be restless when you live so close to Disneyworld?! Isn’t there a Paris in Epcot? Take that $90 and spend a day in there – and report back about everyone and everything.

    1. Disney what?????? I make sure I don’t even utter that word even to myself. Paris a-la-Disney? Kadzi, come on….maybe is my age or the sun and heat have fried my childish tendencies, but the only mouse that I think of sometimes is Topo Gigio. He’s the guy! Ahhh, Paris, it will always have to be the real one for me. $90 will only get me to the gate of the other mouse’s compound. You just wait until you get to be 63 3/4 and then, my friend, you will totally understand. It is always good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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