A bad attitude hairdo…or whatever happened with my hair?…

$90.  Moved from my assets column to the hair salon’s.  Think about it this way, it could have been $200+ or so, but I decided to go on the cheap side and yes, of course, that’s what I got.  Cheap results.

Let me explain…consultation with the “hair expert,” color, cut and style.  Did she use the brush that people use to fluff hair on dogs?  That’s what my hair looked like when I left the “salon.”  I felt like I was really the grandmother of Baxter Brown, my grand-doggie.  All fluff and no style.  Sorry, Baxter, you do have style.

I had to come home immediately to look at my “colored eyebrows,” now they look like the eyebrows from hell, my new short cut, dark, dark hair and a really bad mood with a topping of lousy attitude.  Where’s the Zen thing?  I am looking around, I really need a humongous dose of it.  How in the world am I going to camouflage this look for the next two months or so, until hair grows and eyebrows look somewhat normal?

I look like those women that I see sometimes on the streets, and then I think “do they have a mirror to see how bad they really look?”  That’s me right now.  Lots of mirrors to confirm how dreadful my new cheap and improved look looks like.

I am starting to save my dinero as I type because next time the hair-slaughter house I am going to try will be the swanky fancy $200+.  Hope that includes the tip, otherwise I may need to take a loan.  Yes…I know some of you may be thinking that even $90 is too much, but trust me, for this area, it is not.  That’s cheap for getting all the “works” I had done.  So…$200+ is about right for a good, happy-to-be-alive-with-hair-do that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Will I ever be pleased with my hair and whomever works with it?  Of course not!

Forgot to mention, my favorite yellow shirt received a somewhat touch of art in black.  There goes my favorite top.  Zen, and more Zen.  I am humming as I type along.  Next month, going back to my boxed hair color, only around $7 and my own self-taught coloring abilities.  Need three months or so to correct the cut, though.

After all, it is only hair, eyebrows, less dinero, and my favorite top.  All replaceable. C’est la vie!

Ta ta

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “A bad attitude hairdo…or whatever happened with my hair?…

  1. $90 is cheap? I’ve been cutting my own hair for years – and you’re reminding me how much $$ this has been saving me. But you still look good!!

    1. Oh, Kadzi, you must be one of my most kinder reader. You should have seen me when she said “voila” now you look five years younger! Was she counting backwards from 100? Kidding aside, it is what it is…this too shall pass and hair is growing as I am typing. Thanks for reading! Hope all is well with you. Enjoy reading your blog.

  2. $90 is less than Clayton’s pricing. But I can say the color will mellow out within a few days or washes. Mine looks its best after about 5 washes and then it stays well until about a week before I am ready to go again. Be patient – when you fix yourself you may like the cut. Many beauticians feel they must blow and fluff you until the poodle look comes in to play. You would be beautiful even if you shaved your head. Patience, darling.

    1. Love, have always loved your sense of humor. I was the poodle, not the look!! I am already starting to like it, after so much drama, I don’t feel that bad anymore. I have to psych myself into liking it. The shaved-head-look will have to go with a brown bag over my head with enough holes to see, smell and eat. And of course, the sunglasses over the hag. It is always good to hear your opinion. Merci!

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