Good morning, Miss Moon…how beautiful you make my day…

The main Zen thing is to be in the moment…reminds me of Coach K.

Zen is all about being in the now.  If I am eating, walking, cooking, washing dishes, having an anger moment…fully enjoy each one of those things and be in the moment.  When I am a bit annoyed and feeling not so groovy, I analyze my thoughts and feelings at that moment and then puff…there goes the annoyance, because I realize nothing is really worth disturbing my inner beautiful peace.  It has taken me 63 3/4 years to realize that.

Going back to this beautiful picture I snapped this morning during my holy daily walk.  I was really lucky to capture this beautiful scene.  The sun rising on my right and the moon saying “good day” on my left.  If I would have been preoccupied with my petty little thoughts about moi, I would have missed Miss Moon trying to show me the beauty of our breathtaking nature.

Sharing is also being in the now and in the moment.  I feel good becoming an “in-the-moment person.”

Ta ta

Happy Contessa

“Peace Is Every Step”  Title of a book by Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Master.

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