Human days of summer…

Looking at that sun was making me feel hot and sweaty every time I log into the magic kingdom of blogosphere.

These pretty flowers I encounter every morning during my now becoming boring walks.  But I have to keep on doing this for my aging apparatus.

One day there was a wall of these flowers looking so very majestic and I decided then that the next day I was going to take a picture.  Voila, next day half of the wall was gone!

I had to wait a week or so until this day that I was able to capture some beauty again.  Here it is the result.  Nature is so ever breathtaking.

Lesson learned:  enjoy it while you have it, see it or it goes by.  Next second, it may be gone.  Come to think of it, I am missing a whole bunch of stuff that I should be appreciating while they are happening.

Training…or maybe adopt a new way of looking at things and capturing their meaning.

Every day is a new school day.  I am being promoted to kinder, having just completed pre-kinder as I go…

Another happy day in my paradise, this place south of the Mason-Dixon Line, or North of the Equator.

Your Happy Contessa

“You aren’t in charge of anyone or anything, and when you realize it, you will set yourself free to really live.”  From “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Zen Living.”

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Human days of summer…

  1. First, the flowers are beautiful. Second, sorry your walk is boring. But third, thank you for the quote. I hope I can embrace it fully because I know I am not in charge! Great time at the beach. Call & chat some time.

    1. Boring is an understatement…you are not here to keep walks alive and interesting. Thanks for the compliments. Those are pretty little things that brighten up the walk. The beach…I am sure you had a joyful and restful time. I will call. Ta ta!

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