The Sun is in a really bad mood…I knew it!!!!!

Photo: Loop on the sun

I knew something was odd…very hot in places where is supposed to be cooler than Florida…people’s tempers out of whack…me forgetting where I left my credit card, losing things in my own purse, getting short-tempered even with myself…my mother on the phone trying to pick up a fight with me…and then…

It occurred to me that something was not right with the universe.

This evening, in the news, finally everything fell into place.  The sun is having flare eruptions and is spitting really hot lava out there in space.  Of course, that explains all the extra meditation I have had to do just to keep my cool.

I am meditating so much…that I am starting to fall asleep at meditation times and now my body is thinking that I should be sleeping all the time.

Dear heavenly sun…stop your bad temper and stop spitting hell into the universe.  This has to stop…and like…NOW!!!!

I have said.

So…it was today…a very bad hot day in this part of the world, north of the Equator.

Your Happy Contessa

“I am still learning.”  Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer.  6 March, 1475 – 18 February, 1564.

Photo courtesy of NASA.

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