Vintage chicks like trains too…Here comes the train…Six times a day…

And you thought that only little boys liked trains.  Well…I better like them a lot, because I have six of them going almost next to my building on a daily basis.

This morning during my forced-to-walk there it was… one of them.  This time a cargo or freight train.  I cannot help it, but I get so excited that I run just to see them go by.  There’s something about a train.  Only thing that I am not so crazy about is when at 2:30 a.m., there goes one of them and the conductor probably wants to get even with the people who are sleeping, that he/she blows that whistle so hard and often, that one of these days I am going to come out and invite them to come right in and run the train through my apartment.  It might as well.  It is so funny, that I am laughing by myself at that time of the morning and  saying, “time to bless all the people who I know, let’s see who do I start with…” until all the noise and commotion leave the area.

So…it was today…March 15, 2012…a day to remember that yes, I do like trains…

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10 thoughts on “Vintage chicks like trains too…Here comes the train…Six times a day…

  1. It is a federal law that they must toot the whistle at every crossing to alert vehicles. The track was there also long before the town, too. They carry a lot of freight. The AMtrack portion is a waste of money though and is heavily subsidized by the taxpayers.

    1. I know…and the trains will be there long after most of us are gone. In a way, the trains make this community kind of unique. Having trains go through downtown is very picturesque, at least I think so. Thanks for commenting.

  2. All that regular, round-the-clock noise might have driven me crazy before I moved to NYC. Now I just expect it and almost always sleep with earplugs.

    1. What was that again that you mentioned the other day…Golden years, caboose et all. No way back, buddy. It is take it, or take it. At least we are still around…enjoying our somewhat tarnished color golden years. On second thought…life has been and still is…very, very good. A drink of water to that!!!!

  3. I worked on my lakefront weeds today and it felt real good. I was able to work pretty hard without getting winded. I really improved my view from my recliner.

  4. Actually, a 5 footer was out there on the beach when I went out, He watched me the whole time from the weed line and came back when I finished, They are very territorial, but so am I.

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