Community Garden Trip…

This is my bounty from a trip with my 90-year-old girlfriend to our Community Garden.  First, I couldn’t open the lock, even though the combination was in place.  Then a city employee was passing by and I asked him if the combination had been changed, so he called the city and the combination was correct.  Then…he did something magical…he pushed the top of the lock and voila…”open sesame”…we went into the garden.  The way I was doing it, probably I would have been 80+ still trying to open the gates.

There were lettuces, collard greens, peppers, flowers, cabbage, and lots of other eatables.  My girlfriend’s plot was kind of skimpy, but looked good.  I have my tomatoes, pepper and mint leaves for my tabouleh.  Can’t wait to prepare it.

Beautiful red leave lettuce.  Eating fresh in our neighborhood.  Sounds like a commercial, but love fresh.  I am signing in for next season!

So…it was today…8th March…a day of fresh surprises.

Your Happy Contessa

“Buy fresh, eat fresh,  be healthy and happy.”  Your Contessa.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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