Gifts of Nature…Orange Blossoms…

Sometimes we take so much for granted.  The beauty of a flower, a rock, a scenery, and sometimes we even take friends, family and so many other things for…granted.

This morning during my whenever-I feel-like-it-walks, there was this scent in the air.  I kept my rapid pace, but stopped by some orange trees along my walk, to smell the blossoms on the trees.  What a miracle of nature.  That such a tree could be the origin of such a sweet aroma.  Went back home and got my ccc (cheap, chic camera) and got some pictures of the tiny flowers.  The one I chose is the one with another miracle of nature, the ever busy ants.  They are even mentioned on the Bible.  We should be a bit more like them, minding our business and storing for the leaner times.  How proper for these times.

Just wanted to share with you a moment of nature wonder during my walkabout.

So…it was today…March 7th…another beautiful day in paradise, as Ron used to say.

Your Happy Contessa

“Paint the walls of your mind with many beautiful pictures.”  William Lyon Phelps, American author, critic and scholar.  2 January, 1865 – 21 August, 1943.

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6 thoughts on “Gifts of Nature…Orange Blossoms…

  1. Did you know that almost all orange trees are hybrids and if you plant the seeds, you will not get an orange tree of the variety you planted? They are also not indigenous to Florida and were brought over by the Spanish explorers.

    1. I did not know that. Very interesting. So…oranges are from the land of the “Ole.” Thanks for such interesting facts. I will never look at oranges the same way again. 🙂

  2. Actually the grapefruit was never actually a fruit until a man named Duncan (Lakeland, Florida), experimented with a pomelo variety called “9 pounder” and developed an edible grapefruit. There is no such thing as a grapefruit tree as they are all grafted onto a sour orange root stock. There are only two varieties Duncan and Marsh. (seedy and seedless).

  3. Both are natural fruits. If you plant either, you get what you planted, I have a rough lemon tree in my yard and love them. What you buy in the stores are called true lemons. We had a cluster of about 5 key limes in my yard as a kid and my Mother used to make great pies from them. A great trick is to buy a lot of lemons when in season and cheap. Juice them up and freeze the juice in ice cube trays and store frozen. You can then use them year around. Drop one cube in a gallon of sweet tea and it’s ready. Almost all orange and grapefruit in Florida are grafted onto sour orange root stock which is much more cold tolerant..

    1. Wow Lindsay, you are really a bag of surprises. You know so much, and I really liked your suggestion about the lemons. Thanks for sharing good information. Stay well and happy with Super Nurse Nancy.

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