And she walked…Going from my sixties into my nineties…

Yesterday was a day of venturing out…I walked around where I reside.  Kind of apprehensive, because I was by myself, no walking partner and no stick to keep intruders away from me.

Went out before even having breakfast, to get it over with.  Nice going…taking a picture here and another one there…

The gardens are beautiful, so many old trees, pond with ducks and their ducklings, and also saw something moving under some dark spot of the water, but was able to see only bubbles, and after a while, I decided it was better not to be too inquisitive.  Gators do swallow contessas, you know.  They don’t know better.

Then in the evening I decided to go to my first HOA meeting to meet other people.  It was a long meeting and when we were leaving, my nine decades old friend and I, one of my neighbors, probably mid-eight decades invited us to ride with her.  She had driven her car.  Probably no more than 100 steps.  To humor her we decided,  why not.  That’s when the fun began.  My ninety something decided she was going to ride in the back seat, so I could keep an eye on the eighty something doing the driving.

The passenger’s front seat would not move, so my 90’s friend, in her skinny jeans, just decided to squeeze into the back seat.  Just imagine.  The seat belt almost sliced her neck off.  But you know how “we” older chicks are.  We just push and shove ourselves into places that only a razor blade would be able to.

So we rode for a few seconds and then the time to come out from the back seat arose.  We were laughing so hard that we thought she may have to sleep on that back seat.  But another pushing and shoving and there she was, out.

La vida loca.  I am living the crazy life with all these wild women.  I cannot wait to get into my nineties and find out how much crazier my life is going to get.

So…it was today…13 September, 2011…making it through my sixties and anxiously awaiting for my nineties.

Your Happy Contessa

“Getting older is not for wimps.”  The baby boomer generation.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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