“I love you since forever…”

This was a phrase in the final episode of one of my novelas.  It caught my attention and I hope nothing was lost in the translation.

What a beautiful thing to say to the person you love…Of course, the moment has to be absolutely the right moment and in the right frame of mind to say something like this.  I have had moments where I felt that way, but there were other moments when the total opposite was the feeling.  I guess if you are a normal human being, you have moments of total elation and moments of total frustration.  Cannot imagine a couple being in total love and admiration all the time.  Shrink material, please.

Love is an interesting subject.  Different kinds of love for different kinds of people around you and for different scenarios.  Can you transmit love to someone you have never met?  I think so.  Love does not have limits and frontiers.  Love is beautiful energy that is constantly surrounding us, but the choice is ours to embrace it or put it on hold or totally disregard it.

When we were born, we were the essence of love.  Just look at a baby with its innocence and purity.  That’s ultimate love.  I believe that when we touch a baby, that’s the closest that we will ever get to touching the love of God.

So…it was today, 11 September, 2011…feeling the energy of love surrounding me.

Your Happy Contessa

“Love, compassion and understanding are the answers to all.”  Your Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on ““I love you since forever…”

  1. Beautiful piece……
    I say to Richard, Jon & Melissa {and those that belong to them} that “I love you forever and a day.”

    You have left your mark here as “Noury’s Nook” was ever present at the book sale this weekend. I must say it wasn’t has beautiful as you normally set up. But they did you justice with the books they had on display. Everyone wanted to know how you were doing and when you were coming for a visit. I had no answer for them. But you are always welcome……………..

    1. The love for “ours” goes to infinity and beyond…I am honored by the “Nook.” Hopefully, they did well financially. I am sure you and Richard got some nice treasures. Do not know when I am taking I-95 North again. I still feel as if my derriere is still in the car driving I-95 South. One of the days of next year…perhaps.

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