The hiccups and a blank canvas in my mind…

Today has been a day of driving and more driving.  Raining and more raining.  Hmmm…and the worst part is that right now at 9:45 p.m. I have absolutely nothing in my mind to write about.

Went to visit a friend of the past and talked and talked.  She is 86.  She introduced me to her friends.  All about the same age.  I love all of them.  Very pretty ladies and each one has a beautiful apartment right next to each other.  So Florida.  Tiles and lots of windows.  Love it, love it.

So…what else can I write about…today is a panicky day.  Let’s continue with the visit.  She prepared lunch; soup and a sandwich.  Brocoli cheese soup and tuna sandwich.  Dessert was cake, banana cake with lots of creamy icing.  There went my intention to eat healthy.

Just the day before I purchased two books, The China Study and Forks over Knives.  Really eye-opening!

And the question I have right now is…do I have to eat?  The pictures these books paint about how we are abusing these animals and birds and then eating their meat makes me want to just become a cow.  Pasture, just give me pasture.  I can chew on greenos forever.  I wonder how I can come up with a cake made just from green stuff.  Ah, zucchini bread.  I can make that and put an extra dose of sugar.  Pure unblemished sugar, I guess brown sugar.

I am very serious about changing my eating habits.  The crapola we are eating is doing all of us in.  At least that’s what I think.

So many of us are on such denial.  We just want to eat, eat and eat.  It is amazing to me how our little mouths have such a big control over our big, big bodies.

Analyzing this subject matter further, it is not how much we eat, but WHAT we eat.  I highly recommend that you check these books out of your library and you will understand how I feel.

405 words.  Not bad.  Word counter is very happy and so am I.

So…it was today…6 September, 2011…a day of realizing that all I have to do is sit at my computer and start moving my fingers on the keyboard, and voila, words, many words just show up.  And the hiccups is totally gone!!

Your Happy Contessa

“Get going and what you are searching for will meet you halfway.  But just get going.”  Happy Contessa from today’s personal experience.

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