My life in perspective…

Recently, I was watching a television show profiling some celebrities and their homes.  Of course, their homes are very impressive and very individualistic, according to their personalities.  You sometimes can see that some of their homes are an extension of their persona, and some of them were just put together by their decorator and are a reflection of that decorator.  Just that.

But, taking this show to a higher level, I was interested by a particular show of a musician and his place in California.  It was so reflective of his personal story, and his career.  Then the question arose in my mind…how come some people have the good fortune to live their lives doing something they dreamed about when they were children, and some of us just drift into careers, and lives that reflect that it just happened by default.  Sometimes our lives are a reflection of no thinking at all of what is it that motivates us or what our personal dreams are all about.

I think that most of my life is a reflection of living by default.  I am a happy camper, but I have to admit, I did not devote much time to living and doing what I used to dream about when I was growing up.

I dreamed about being a teacher…I used to sit all my little friends as if we were in a classroom and used to talk to them as a teacher would.  You know, with a commanding voice and poise.  Then my father will come and totally call the class off because it was time to go to bed.  End of school session.  Then, later on I wanted to be a pediatrician…but the sight of blood while witnessing a mother giving birth, a la natural, no pain-killer or anesthetic, took care of that vision.

Now, at this stage in my life, I am making sure that I question what is it that I would like to do with my time, without taking so much into consideration what others will think, because when the time comes to say “Sayonara,” it will be my life written in my book, not anybody else’s.  But, by then, I will never know what happens after I depart, so in this time and place in my life…it is all about my wishes and dreams.

So…it was today…September 5, 2011…a day to reflect on my dreams and what I would like to do next.

Your Happy Contessa

“I make my own decisions and couldn’t imagine anyone else doing that, because I’m in control of my own destiny.  And if anything happens, or if a mistake is ever made, it’s because it’s something I chose to do…” Janet Jackson, American recording artist and actress.  16 May, 1966 -.

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4 thoughts on “My life in perspective…

  1. It sounds like you’ve wanted to work with kids. You might want to consider volunteering with kids for a few hours a week (maybe at the library) and see where that goes.

    I finally figured out how to link up to your blog in the “Blogs I Follow” section of my site’s profile page….

    1. Dear Kadzi, you are so cute and adorable…kids…I am still laughing…if I volunteer with kids, they will think that I am the volunteer from you know where-down there, the place that is supposed to be full of flames. Patience, tolerance and poise will only last a second. Very short volunteer job. I appreciate the idea. I will continue in my search. I need to learn how to make it easy for me to leave a comment in your blog. I am in the learning process for all this technology stuff. Thanks for your support and comments.

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