Shoe Fest…buy one…get three free…almost…

I have been searching for a pair of shoes to wear with the two cutest dresses that grace my closet right now.  The lovely daughter recommended sand color or so.  There I went this morning.  Saw an ad in the newspaper that showed shoes were 65% off in this particular store.

It just happened that in order to get to that store, I had to go through another one that I like a lot.  Went to the Shoes Department and they were having a 75% off.  10% is a mean great additional discount, considering the status of our national debt and my pocketbook.  2+2=4.  So 10% additional discount makes a lot of sense.  Found pair #1, the shoes that I really went for.  When I checked the price on the price checker, it was from a lot of money to under $15!!  I thought, Wow!  That means that with that 10% I can buy another pair.  Found pair #2.  Then my eyes kept scanning the sales rack, and with the assistance of a very cheerful sales person, pair #3 happened, and eventually pair #4 to wear with my jeans during the Florida’s coming fall.  Rationalizing and more rationalizing.  All sounds just great.

By the time the adding, subtracting and then an additional 10% with a coupon I had from the newspaper, the final tab was under $48.  Subscribing to the newspaper pays off.  Coupons pay for the price of the subscription.  My way of justifying everything.

Am I a happy camper?  You bet!  I am ready for next summer, next fall and also ready to go dancing, whenever that happens, hopefully before I get ready to be incinerated.  I am already practicing my merengue, salsa, Indian, rap, hard beat, soft beat and everything else in between.

I am so happy right now, I could sing through my typing.  Actually it is happening.  So little makes me happy.  Love my new shoes, and saved a lot of money.

So…it was today…31 August, 2011…a day of helping our national economy, mine,  and having great looking shoes.

Your Happy Contessa

“All fortune belongs to him/her who has a contented mind.  It is not the whole earth covered with leather for him/her whose feet are encased in shoes?”  from the Panchatantra, 2nd Century B.C. collection of Hindu tales.

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8 thoughts on “Shoe Fest…buy one…get three free…almost…

  1. Be sure to remove the paper before wearing. I just bought some Crocks for inside wear. I am not allowed to go barefooted inside anymore.

  2. I just finished Tim Tebow book. Very good. You might like it. Quite a wait from library. It isn’t a football look, but a story about how his faith and hard work paid off in life.

  3. With diabetes, I have to wear shoes inside. Been trying to do it. I kicked a table by accident the other day and am having problems with it. Poor circulation.

  4. Your circle of shoes rivals anything Sir Richard has done in quite sometime. I am not sure I want the 2 of you together – there may not be enough $ in the wallets to cover these buys! Good for you!

    1. Hey, at that valued price who can resist! Now, I don’t have to look at shoes for over a year or so. Divide the $48 by the number of times I am wearing those shoes and literally they were given to me for free. Queen of rationalization. Sir Richard’s collection of hats and shoes is well beyond my capabilities. Nice to hear from you.

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