Ego gives…Ego gets…

Just a couple of weeks ago, I received this in the mail.  The ultimate ego enhancer.  A good friend of mine, because I have the best of the best that life has to offer, sent me this, a transfer into canvas of a picture that was taken a few months ago.  Homage to a grandiose ego.  Mine.  This was a farewell gift.  Unforgettable!  Thank you again, Miss Kelly.

I told her that she was really good at making me feel fabulous and somewhat important.  To be frank with all of you, I have a very healthy ego.  I don’t need anyone’s approval or certification to feel good about myself…until today.

I went into a Goodwill store, as I have been looking for a pair of bookcases to finally take all my books out of their boxes.  Nada.  Nothing.  Have been to antique shops, but money-saving is my current motto.  Nothing beats getting a good bargain.  Let me continue with the story.  The following book caught my eyes, “We’re just like you, Only Prettier.”  Is about confessions of a tarnished southern belle.  I think this book pretended to get me ready for what was about to happen.

I looked around some more, with the book in hand.  Finally decided to pay the $.99 plus tax for the book.  With $1.07 in hand, I am about to pay and then…the man said “It is $.95 because I gave you the seniors’ discount.”  My eyes popped out of their sockets.  Big bubble burster!!!  I started laughing not knowing what to do or say.  Finally after I recovered, I told him that I appreciated him being the first person of the day to burst my bubble.  And then quickly I added “well, I guess it goes both ways, it can work for you or against you…I need to think about that one.

So book in hand, I left to get some fried ripe plantains to nurture my recently majorly bruised ego and make myself feel good by gobbling up my new food addiction.  They had plenty of plantains, and I bought enough to calm and soothe myself and think that it is what it is.  But that does not mean that people should go around insulting and bruising others’ ego just like that.  Be tactful.  My wrinkles, lines, etc., etc., took over six decades to be accumulated, and for someone to come from behind a counter and just snap their big mouth into mindless generosity, it is something to ponder on.

So…it was today…30 August, 2011… a day of ego giving…and ego getting.

Your Happy Contessa

“What is, is.”  From  the book “A Thousand Names for Joy,” by Byron Katie.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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