A Weekend Changer…

Welcome back to the 80’s!  Let start at the beginning…

My lovely and gorgeous daughter, Milagros, just invited me to be her date to attend a wedding in, here we go again, Durham, North Carolina.  Wasn’t I just there last Saturday?  Durham it is.  The young lady that is getting married attended the same school Milagros did, so they are friends.  The wedding is going to be at the Duke Chapel.  I am so looking forward to being at the Chapel for this occasion.

Now…the real challenge.  I don’t have an outfit to wear to that wedding.  It is at 4:00 pm, so I guess is semi-formal?  You know, we senior chicks take everything very a-la-traditional.  I would rather err on the side of too much, than on the side of too little.  Elegance has never hurt anyone that we know of.  I am going to look my part.  That is, try to look semi-gorgeous, because the whole gorgeous business is too late for me even to try.

Dress?  Long skirt with a stunning blouse and belt.  What about shoes and evening bag?  Why again, am I going to this event?  Because my daughter requested the honor of my presence.  Have to remember that every second my stomach gets on a knot.

What about the chambers of horror when I go in to try the outfits?  My hair is getting already nervous about this.  Oh, yes, do I need a trim or a haircut?  Nails, toes, come to think about it, I need a new me.  Does anyone know where can I buy a new person to substitute the slob of me.  Need to be on sale too, remember that just yesterday I am on a short leash in reference to money do or don’t.

My friends, I just realized that the last time I got made up to look real cool was the day that photo was taken.  I was going with my darling husband to a Christmas party.  Since then I have not been really playing get beautiful once.  How sad, but how comfortable.  Those were really high heels, and you know what happened recently to my legs when I tried to get into something a bit higher than the floor.  Cramping business galore.  But this time I am getting some pills if necessary, but I am riding on high hells, I mean, heels.  Yes siree.

This should be very interesting.  Tomorrow I am out to search for just the perfect outfit and the perfect new me.  I can feel the bags under my eyes already puffing more than usual.  Cucumbers?  Is that what it takes to bring those bags down?  We’ll see.

So it was today, 2 June, 2011…a day that I got asked on a date…

I, or the new me, will be back on Monday.  Make it a great weekend.  Life is short, live loud.

Your Happy Contessa

“To be or not to be… me.”

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “A Weekend Changer…

  1. You look just like Milagros in that photo. A real hot chick. Don’t worry about the dress, everybody will be looking at the bride as they should be.

    1. They will be looking at the bride until my ego gets involved. You are very kind with your compliment. Thank you and may your fun travels continue. Hugs to Nancy.

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