It’s that time of the month…and Endeavour’s final landing…

No…it is not “that” time of the month for me…I am 62 1/2…it is the other time of the month.  The real time, if you ask me.  No cramps, no mood swings, no supplies, no pms, no nothing.  Just the now you see it, now you don’t syndrome.  I mean, in comes the money, out goes the money.  Today is the first of June, and the money, all of it is already accounted for.  Talk about symptoms for “la depre.”

But I am grateful that at least incoming funds are enough to cover my needs and a tiny, tiny maybe want.  Some chocolate, por favor (please) in Spanish.  Hey not only are you being entertained, you are learning to be bilingual or trilingual.  C’est la vie.  You can tell the muses are really in a far, far away land.  This is so lame.

But we must continue…Early this morning, around 1:30 am, the soft-spoken very sophisticated alarm from my cell phone woke me up to a very delicate tone.  I thought, maybe it knows it is so early, so it has to wake me up in a delicate way.  How smart!

Endeavour's Landing

I wanted to watch “live” the return of the last trip of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.  You get  a total different feeling when you watch it as it happens.  I was watching it through NASA TV, and I started very early in the process.  It is fascinating for me that the crew of this space vehicle get to live their dream or fantasies of being out there in space.  Looking at our beautiful and fragile at the same time planet must be a sight beyond our imagination.  What an unforgettable experience and tale to tell.  If you are interested, you can go to NASA TV and watch the video about how the journey of Endeavour started.  It is so much better than reading science fiction.  The brilliance of our minds at work.

Here is another shot I got with my camera.  By this time they were getting ready to go and get the crew out.  You can still watch the video, if you wish.  Fascinating.  Made it back to bed around 3:00 am, very happy that I had this unique experience.  Cultivating relationships and living meaningful experiences are very important for me in this stage of my journey.

So it was today, 1 June, 2011, another day to ponder on the “enough for my needs”…and the brilliance of our minds.

Your Happy Contessa

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Commander Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon, July 20, 1969 upon landing in the Sea of Tranquility.

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