The trip that wasn’t…or was it?…

This past Saturday morning, a relative of mine invited me to go to an art exposition in Raleigh, North Carolina.  There we went, enjoying the beautiful sunny day, lots of clouds for my collection, but nice non-threatening clouds, light blue skies, and a mini convertible to add to all and make it a perfect ride.  Took some pictures, you know I never leave behind my cheap chic camera (ccc).

This is a small sampling of some of the roads.  North Carolina does a beautiful job planting wild flowers along some of its highways.  It makes your journey more enjoyable.  There was a field of poppies but I was too late getting my ccc.

So…finally we made it into Raleigh.  Old Southern with its own charm city.  It has some of the old buildings with their distinguished architecture.  Lots of new architecture styled buildings also.  The old making space for the new.  Is that good or….Same thing with our population.  We the senior chicks and the other old gender still rule.  I think so!  Let’s go back to the field trip.  So…we go around…and around…and more around.  No parking space to be found.  It was warm, sun shining full blast, and my dose of warmth for the full year was being delivered right there and then.  Looking for a parking space.  So…my brother-in-law says “well, we’ll go around a few more times, and if there’s not a space, we just go back home.”  I said, “fine with me.”  So the merry went around a few more times, and of course, no space available.  Plenty of Vitamin D.  The happy vitamin, thanks God!

Life is full of surprises…we headed back east and I continued snapping pictures.  Here is one with a tower to continue to try to make contact with ET, and also to continue to zap all of us with its microwaves.  Believe it or not, the zapping is eternal.  And no ET response yet.  So I analyzed the situation.  First, we were headed west to witness some art and maybe get some inspiration.  I am thinking about pursuing some painting.  Have to dig into anything I can get my hands into.  But…the witnessing of others’ art did not materialize.  The goodness of this situation is that I have learned to accept whatever situation is delivered to me unexpectedly, with a new perspective.  It was not meant to be.  It was meant for me to get some sunshine on my ever pale arms, and sweat like a horse because the seats are leather and my shirt was not 100% cotton.  Cotton, my friends, is your friend when going on an expedition controlled by the sunny sun.

And this is Richard, the temperamental artist, waving goodbye after delivering me back to my yellow and navy blue cutest home.  He said he was inspired to go home and paint, maybe because we were talking about the beauty and glory of nature, and I was very glad to come back home and have a salad attack.  I didn’t realize how hungry I was.  So…everybody was happy.  Raylene, his lovely wife and my walking partner is somewhere in the North East attending some graduations.  I truly appreciate them both for their total support during my journey of being left behind.  Hi Ron.

My ever refreshing salad...

Life is a beautiful thing…we need to be flexible…accepting of what it is…and mostly resist arguing with reality.  The result of that is what creates stress.  Cannot argue with reality.

So it was 21 May 2011…a day of going and returning from an unexpected trip to nowhere.  Or…it was a trip to enjoy the sun, wind, clouds and just being exposed to our magnificent Mother Nature, and its Creator.

Your Happy Contessa

“Every man must find his own philosophy…his attitude toward life.”  Lin Yutang, Chinese writer and inventor.  14 March 1879-18 April, 1955.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “The trip that wasn’t…or was it?…

    1. My only hope is that whenever I reach your age, not too far off, I’ll be as bright and witty as you are. Only a few more years, counting…I cannot imagine how I will be, being smarter than I am today. 🙂 A picture to behold. Thanks for reading. I am enjoying the pictures and narration of your journey.

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