My interpretation of the “Butterfly Effect”…

This morning while drying my breakfast dishes, I looked outside to my beautiful landscape, and there she was, a beautiful Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio Glaucas) Butterfly.  Immediately I searched for my camera and took a few pictures.  Had to go out to capture this image.

Then, as you know by now how my neurons work, I thought about the phrase “butterfly effect.”  I had an idea of the concept, but I did some research and this is my very simplistic conclusion.  It means that the presence or absence of a butterfly flapping its wings could lead to the creation or absence of a hurricane.  There it is.  Of course, you know I always take things a step further.  That’s what gets me into trouble sometimes.

So that means that if I sneeze or clap my hands I have the power to (oops, just sneezed) create a destructive force that is going to affect humankind as a whole.  Need to think further about this.  In part, I do believe that everything that we do has consequences.  I can see how the innocent and beautiful flapping of a gorgeous butterfly can have residual effect somewhere in the ether of things.  Even my thinking has consequences.  Am I going to decide if today is going to be a good day, or a mediocre kind of day.  I have the power to choose.  So all in all, yes, the theory of the butterfly effect has some validity points with me.  I am all for embracing and accepting things that from a surface point of view seem to be very logical.  This one is.  One of the muses, the philosophical one must be in the neighborhood.

This is a view from inside the screen.  Totally a different effect.  Either way it is so stunningly beautiful.  Color, designs and balance of all of these elements make you ponder about the Creator of such a breathtaking image.  Oh yes, God wasn’t throwing dice when He created the Universe, according to Einstein.

In the Dominican Republic, where I was born and raised, it is believed that if a butterfly comes into your house, you are to expect visitors.  Maybe my house will sell this weekend.  I forgot, it depends the color of the butterfly.  Dark brown is not good news.  But as I have grown older, for me a butterfly is a sign of a beautiful sight, in spite of the color.  I make and determine my own beliefs.

So it was today…19th May, 2011…a day full of beautiful butterflies flapping and taking me on a journey of pondering.

Make this an unforgettable weekend.  I’ll be in touch on Monday.  Thanks for reading.

Your Happy Contessa

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”  Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist who developed the theory of general relativity.  14 March 1879-18 April 1955.

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2 thoughts on “My interpretation of the “Butterfly Effect”…

    1. Please give your cousin my very humble appreciation and I hope my philosophy of life and the way I think keep on being entertaining to you. Thank you very much for opining and may the reading continue.

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