Mother’s Day…Have a happy and peaceful day…

I became a mommy the first day I found out I was pregnant.  Did you notice I said “I”, not “we” as in these days.  The good old days making room for the better newer days.  Officially I was blessed with a vision of my Milagros on November 12, 1979 at 11:58 am.  After a lot of push, push and enough push, there she was with a mane of thick black hair and big black eyes looking at me like saying, hola mami!  I believe that when you touch a baby, you are touching heaven itself.  The innocence and wonder of a baby.

Motherhood is a hat you wear until you go back to your Creator.  It is ingrained in you and it is an unexplainable feeling that you will carry forever to eternity and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear would have said.

These two cards were hand-made by my Milagros some years ago.  I will always treasure them and I am forever grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a mother, and very blessed that I had the privilege to be Milagros’ mami.

I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day and also to all and everyone that had to wear that hat one time or another.

This is my Mother...Happy Mother's Day mama!


So it was today…May 6th, 2011…reflecting on being a mother, …so the legacies will continue…

I will be in touch again on Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

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