Letting old polluted air out…to let fresh polluted air in…

Windows open...

Today it is a beautiful day!!  Sunny, temperature in the mid 50’s right now, sky light blue and lots of clouds for my ever-growing collection.  The perfect day to open the windows and let the old polluted air out and let the new not so polluted yet air in.  Curtains are dancing to the wind, and I can hear all of nature’s sounds and right now someone must be in big trouble…an ambulance is cruising by with its very well-known high-tech sound.

Kitchen window...

Also today I decided to spray against bugs.  I do not like seeing creepy things on my floor.  Especially spiders.  I know…about karma…but it is their karma or mine.  To this date, I am still preferring mine.  This brings back memories…when I was growing up my mother, two of my sisters, a cousin and I were taking a trip to Puerto Rico from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  We were staying at a hospederia (hostel) overnight to take a plane the next day.  That evening, around midnight, my cousin started screaming like someone was stabbing her to death.  It was very, very dark.  She screamed that someone was touching her. She kept on screaming until the whole population of the small hospederia was up and out on the yard, wanting to know what was going on.  We were so embarrassed.  We discovered after we turned on the lights, that a big cockroach was the culprit.  The funny part is that as soon as she started screaming, all of us started to scream also.  But we didn’t know why, just that something was going on.  After we found out, of course no one could go back to sleep.  Just checking out for bugs.  Now you know my trepidation about discovering a bug in my house.  That have been a few surprises around midnight in the bathroom, but usually my hand and a tissue do the job.  At that time of the night, the only karma that rules is mine.

All the windows are open so air can flow freely and the fumes from the spray to diminish the bug population can also waltz out.  I do not want to join those statistics yet.

Same thing happens when we breathe.  It is good to let all old oxygen out and inhale new full of stuff oxygen in.  It works for me.  Whenever I have palpitations, that’s when that exercise works the best.

It is feeling pretty chilly right now, but it is a day that you feel good to be around.  Everything so green, fresh, birds singing their own melodies, and the refrigerator talking its own language.  Am I alone here?  My refrigerator makes the funniest noises, especially at night-time, when I am trying to fall asleep.  It sound like it is hurting or it needs food.  I cannot make that one out.  Even appliances these days are becoming hard to live with.  Forget about the house settling.  I only wish I knew their language so I could join in the conversation.  Being by yourself exposes you to a lot of new and improved situations.  You start talking with yourself, and that’s not that bad, it is when you start answering to each other.  You and your shadow.  I better stop right now.

So it was today…5th May, 2011, a day to say goodbye to some innocent bugs…and recycle the good polluted out and let the new one in…the cycle of life.

Your Happy Contessa

“I am still learning.”  Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, Italian Reinassance painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer.  March 1475-February 1564

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