Field Trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art…

I enjoy visiting museums because I learn about the thinking of different kinds of people, their different periods and how they express their emotions, or the absence of any emotions.  My personal definition of art is:  the tangible expression of anyone’s emotion or imagination at any given time.  Artists mature, change their style and evolve, as they get different kinds of exposures.  Also, the influence of their fellow artists may affect they way they interpret their environment or any other form of connection.

Please click on the pictures to see a larger image.  Thank you!

This is just a sampler what this museum has to offer.  We visited the West Building which was opened in April 2010.  It is a “green” building and has won awards for its design that incorporates fabric filters that diffuse daylight into galleries from the side walls, and has 360 skylights with diffusers also to control the quantity of light that is filtered into the galleries.  It is an easy museum to navigate, because it is so bright and modern.  You can also appreciate the old masters paintings in the same building, but with the brightness that doesn’t make the old masterpieces seem overwhelming.

I like to visit museums because there is so much to be learned.  Today I learned and surprised myself because I am tilting towards modern art more today than I was in the past.  I was a traditional/old masters girl, but now I think modern art offers me a challenge to perceive and feel what one particular artist was feeling or trying to portray when the particular piece of art was being produced.


This one is titled “Pigeon” by Elizabeth Murray 1940-2007.  Oil on canvas on laminated wood construction. 

The one on the right is “Mattise Window” by George Bireline, 1923-2002.  Acrylic on canvas.

Life is evolving, and so is my taste.  I still love Monet, all the French and American Impressionists, the Hudson School of Arts,  some of the Wyeth;  I am also in love with some children illustrators, such as Kate Greenaway, Tasha Tudor and others, but my range is ever-expanding.  I guess I am becoming a more accepting person and conforming and learning from whatever it is that I am exposed to.  I feel lighter and younger. 

I do not want to forget to be appreciative to Raylene and Richard.  They invited me for this Sunday’s lovely experience.  First,  we had brunch at Whole Foods.  The french toast creme brulee was very moist with a custard consistency and I poured galore Vermont syrup, also had eggs with mushrooms and cheddar, which was flavorful with the zing cheddar has, probably was sharp, and also the poached mango that was better this time.  Art was the dessert and what a dessert it was!

Life is such a big canvas, but only we can make it magical and beautiful.  I will be sharing more of the art I was exposed to today in future postings. 

So it was today…May 1st, 2011…a day with an array of good food and interesting and beautiful art.

Your Happy Contessa

A museum is a place to expand our horizons and learn to witness others’ point of view.

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